Old Stone Corner

Location: Northwest corner of Congress or Main Street, and Cross Street, New Market, Virginia.

Built: 1799


9 Apr 1799: Abraham Savage and Anna, his wife, sold to Cornelius O'Neil for 70 pounds current money of Virginia - a certain lot of land in New Market, Virginia, Shenandoah County, being lot #50. Deed Book L, page 455

25 Mar 1802: Cornelius O'Neil sold to David Kyle for 735 pounds current money of Virginia, a stone house and lot of land known as lot #50. Deed Book N, page 15

12 Apr 1802: David Kyle and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to Henry Kring and Jeshua (sic) Kring for $2000 their stone house and lot of land in New Market #50. Deed book N, Page 16

11 Feb 1836: Jeshua (sic) Kring and Hannah Kring, his wife, of the County of Rockingham, sold to Conrad Custer of the same County and Virginia, a certain house and lot in New Market, County of Shenandoah, being lot #50, with stone house thereon containing one half acre for the sum o f$1.00 and Consideration. Deed Book PP, page 109

Made 7 Jan 1847: Samuel Oswald willed all his possessions; family of negroes, etc., to his wife Caroline L. Oswald, who was also Executor. This will also speaks of house purchased of Conrad Custer. Will Book Y, page 41

8 Oct 1889: A.C. Allen, Special Commissioner for Caroline Oswald, dec'd., conveyed lot #50 to G.W. Williamson, J.E. Rice and T.M. Clinedinst for $1655 containing one half acre. Deed Book 32, page 306

8 Oct 1889: Gilbert M. Williamson and Lucy, his wife, John Rice and Lelia, his wife, Thomas Clinedinst and Mellie, his wife, sold to David S. Henkel for the sum of $1655 real estate known as lot #50 in New Market. Deed Book 32, page 260

6 Feb 1891: D.S. Henkel and Rebecca E., his wife, sold to Lewis P. Henkel for $1050.00 cash in hand, a part of the following property known as Lot #50 in New Market. Deed Book 34, page 324

17 Dec 1902: Annie M. Henkel and L.P. Henkel, her husband, sold to Elizabeth Henkel for $2145.00 cash in hand, a house in New Market at the northwest corner of Congress Street and Cross Street. Deed Book 57, page 347

Physical Description

The Old Stone Corner was originally oblong, but an "L" was added later. It is two and one half stories with two brick and one stone chimneys. There are ten windows with four 18x30 panes (the original windows had smaller panes) and movable shutters. The entrance is a small hallway opening from a door flush with the street. The inside entrance is double glass doors.

There are five small rooms and one large one, with eleven foot ceilings. The cellar has large stone fireplaces on the northern and western sides. The doors are four-panel one cross variety with plain butt hinges, china knobs and latches. The walls are papered and the floors are of wide boards, some still having the original nails. There are two brown marble mantels with gold etching, and one plain wood mantel.

Historical Significance

In this house is a grandfather clock that gives the changes of the moon, and day of the week. This clock was made in England and was owned by Mrs. E.C. Henkel's grandfather, Thornton Thomas, son of Richard Thomas.

During the battle of New Market, people hid in the cellar of this house, doing their cooking in the huge stone fireplaces at each end of the cellar.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 13 2001