Philip Spengler Home and Tavern (aka Colonial Inn)

Location: Strasburg, Virginia, on the corner of King and Massanutten Streets.

Built: circa 1800


24 Sep 1807: Philip Spengler sold to George F. Hupp, son-in-law, property that was conveyed to the said Philip Spengler by Adam Heiskill, April 22, 1805, and now on record in Winchester District Court. Deed Book AA, page 11

24 Dec 1829: Joseph S. Spengler sold to John Morris the brick house on the corner which was sold to George F. Hupp by Philip Spengler. Deed Book HH, page 405

24 Jun 1847: Elisha I. Williams, Trustee, and George F. Hupp and Catharine Hupp sold to James I. Miller, whereas default has been made by John Morris, it reverted to Joseph S. Spengler who requested Elisha I. Williams to offer brick house and lot for sale at public auction. Deed Book ZZ, page 503

2 Oct 1852: James L. Miller sold to John C. Richardson and Marcus C. Richardson the brick house and lot in the town of Strasburg, Virginia, and occupied by said John A. Richardson as a Tavern. Deed Book 1, page 167

15 Oct 1862: John C. Richardson and Sarah Ann, his wife, sold to James L. Miller brick house and lot occupied by him as a hotel for many years. Deed Book 7, page 186

Recorded 8 Oct 1866: James L. Miller in his will left to Ann Miller, his wife, the Tavern property upon which they reside, containing the house and an acre of ground, for and during her life, and after her death he desired that it be sold and proceeds equally divided among his children. Will Book 12, page 252

2 Nov 1878: A.W. Head, J. Bird Updike, Trustee; and Mrs. Lavina Head, in suit of James Lawson, Administrator U.S. James L. Miller's administrator and heirs, the said A.W. Head on February 22, 1872, became purchase of hotel property. Deed Book 17, page 225

2 Jan 1882: Giles Cook and Moses Walton, Special Commissioners sold to J.B. Updike, Trustee of Mrs. Lavina Head, wife of A.W. Head. Deed Book 23, page 261

25 Jan 1916: Lavina Head, widow of A.W. Head, deceased, and J.B. Updike, Trustee, sold to C.W. Spengler the hotel property. C.W. Spengler was husband of Mrs. Laura Spengler, the present (1937) owner.

Physical Description

This brick house stands right on the street with a fine old entrance of four Colonial pilasters with reeded decoration on the door frames. The front door has fan lights and side lights. Almost the entire house is covered by a vigorous growth of woodbine securely fastened into the crevices of bricks and window frames.

The interior has the original woodwork, though some of the hardware has been changed. Most beautiful mantels of artistic designs adorn the rooms. The open stairway with four flights to attic is noticeable for its simplicity.

Historical Significance

One of the popular taverns during stage coach days, and has been continued as a hotel most of the time since then.

Colonel Philip Spengler, 1761 - 1823, was a brother of Captain Anthony Spengler. They came from York County, Pennsylvania.

Philip was Lieutenant Colonel of the 6th Virginia Regiment, and representative of Shenandoah in the House of Delegates, 1818 - 1819. He married Rebecca Stover. Their son, Joseph Stover Spengler, was sheriff and representative of Shenandoah in the Virginia House of Delegates, 1819-1820.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 9 2001