The Robert Cahoon House (aka The Jacob Ott Home)

Location: 242 North Church Street, Woodstock, Virginia, one block east, off Main Street.

Built: circa 1846


22 Oct 1846: Jacob Ott, Sr. to Jacob Ott, Jr.

13 Jan 1866: Jacob Ott and Susan, his wife, to J.W. Danner.

8 Aug 1868: J.W. Danner to Robert Cahoon.

26 Jan 1880: Robert Cahoon to Christopher Fansler.

Physical Description

This house is in good condition (1937), but plain. Its front porch edges the street, while a narrow side yard leads to the back porch which has high steps, the lot sloping toward the rear.

The rooms are large and have an old appearance. The original structure has not been changed, except the front porch was probably added at a later date.

Historical Significance

In 1817, Jacob Ott, Sr., was one of the charter members of the Valley Turnpike Company.

Jacob Ott, Jr., was one of the trustees of the Woodstock Female Seminary, which was incorporated March 13, 1847.

Christopher Fansler was a keeper of the County Almshouse for a number of years.

The site of this house was a piece of woodland about ninety years ago (circa 1847). Lumber was cut from it for the house.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 9 2001