The Rickard Homeplace

Location: Two and one half miles north of Toms Brook on the east side of Route 11.

Built: circa 1800


Made 5 Apr 1782, probated 27 Jun 1782: Lawrence Snapp, Sr., in his last will and testament devised to his son, Joseph Snapp. Will Book A, page 420

10 Dec 1798: John Snapp, Jr., and Mary, his wife, sold to Joseph Snapp and Elizabeth Snapp, children and heirs of Joseph, dec'd. Deed Book L, page 417

15 Apr 1818: Frederick Mauk and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to John Meiley and Christina Hockman a tract of land, it being part of a tract of 388 acres which John Snapp, Jr., and Mary, his wife, formerly conveyed to Joseph Snapp and the said Elizabeth Snapp, now the wife of the said Frederick Mauk, children and heirs of Joseph Snapp, dec'd. The said Joseph Snapp, Jr., died intestate and all his right and title to land descended to his sister, Elizabeth, as being his heir at law. Deed Book &, page 251

10 Apr 1844: John Meily, Christina Hockman, Joseph Hockman, Samuel M. Hockman, Rebecca Hockman, Mary Hockman sold to Reuben Long. Deed Book UU, page 333

8 Jan 1846: Reuben Long and Esther, his wife, sold to John Keller. Deed Book VV, page 415

25 Jul 1857: John Keller and Margaret, his wife, sold to Isaac and Jacob Rickard. Deed Book 6, page 141

11 Mar 1878: Isaac Rickard sold to Jacob Rickard his undivided half interest. Deed Book 16, page 307

In the division of Jacob Rickard's (dec'd.) land, lots #5 & 6 were assigned to Mrs. E.A. Copp, the wife of George Copp, Sr., formerly the widow of Jacob Rickard, dec'd., lot #5 containing 35 acres and lot #6 containing 28 1/2 acres. Lot #7 was assigned to George M. Rickard containing 115 acres. Jacob Rickard's will was recorded in 1882. Deed Book 33, page 260-263

1 Oct 1913: Mary J. Hockman, widow of John W. Hockman, dec'd., F.W. Hockman and Annie Hockman, his wife, Elmer Hockman and Florence Hockman, his wife, Harry Q. Hockman and Laura Hockman, his wife, J.N. Hockman and Maude Hockman, his wife, George G. Hockman and Arabelia, his wife, J. Henry Hockman, Mattie Helsley and Elmer Helsley, her husband, said parties being heirs at law of John W. Hockman, dec'd; William H. Rickard and Mollie Rickard, his wife, Martha Eversole, Annie Swartz and Harvey G. Swartz, her husband, heirs at law of Jacob Rickard, dec'd., sold to George M. Rickard their share in the estate. Deed Book 81, page 39

A list of heirs of George M. Rickard, dec'd., are as follows: Bertie C. Rickard, widow; Zula Will, wife of W.O. Will; Hubert R. Rickard; Glenn J. Rickard; Roy F. Rickard and Ruth A. Rickard. Deed Book 83, page 302

Physical Description

The Rickard homeplace is a L-shaped, two and one half story frame house with a metal roof. There are four brick chimneys, all inside. It has plain wide weatherboarding and plain wood cornices. There are twenty seven windows, some with twelve and others fifteen panes, 8x10. Part of the shutters have stationary slats. The porch, which has been remodeled, runs the entire length of the house. It has round posts and small square balusters. The two front doors, formerly six-panel, have been remodeled and are now part glass.

There are eleven large rooms and the ceiling height is nine and one half feet. The open string, two-flight stairway has round newel and rail and square balusters. Some of the doors have six panels and two crosses, some four panels and one cross, and others have two long vertical panels. The locks and hinges are the common outside kind. The walls are plastered and papered. The floors have medium wide boards. There are seven plain mantels and four open fireplaces. All woodwork throughout the house is very plain. The cellar is small and has a hard packed dirt floor.

Historical Significance

This house is in the vicinity of Fishers Hill Battle Ground and was in the line of fire throughout the Civil War. Many wounded soldiers were cared for in this home.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 12 2001