The Robert Myers Home

Location: One mile north of Woodstock, Virginia, on the west side of Route 11.

Built: unknown


Made 9 Apr 1819, probated 12 Feb 1827: George Koontz, dec'd., in his last will and testament requested that his property be divided equally among his six children: John, Mary, Eveline, Henry, William J. and George A. Koontz. Will Book O, page 34

31 May 1841: John Gaw and Eveline, his wife, sold to Henry Koontz a portion of the lands of George Koontz, dec'd., which were assigned to Eveline Gaw as part of her share in the estate known as lot #6, 120 acres. Deed Book SS, page 381

27 Jul 1847: Henry Koontz and Jane, his wife, sold to Daniel Fravel for $2200.00 but it is understood that said Henry Koontz is to retain possession of garden and dwelling and outbuildings until Sept. 15 next. Deed Book WW, page 314

16 Apr 1850: Daniel H. Fravel and Mary, his wife, sold to Moses Fravel. Deed Book YY, page 426-427

20 Nov 1869: Mark Bird, Commissioner, sold to Joseph T. Baker. (Whereas on Aug. 30, 1860, in the cause between John H. Bauserman, guardian for Margaret A. Fravel, Complainant vs. Margaret A. Fravel, et al., defendants, Mark Bird was appointed commissioner to sell). Deed Book 9, page 267

20 Nov 1869: Joseph T. Baker and Christien Ellen, his wife, sold to Joseph S. Irwin. Deed Book 9, page 343

17 Nov 1881: J.S. Irwin and Sarah C., his wife, sold to Robert F. Myers. Deed Book 22, page 254

12 Sep 1896: Robert F. Myers sold to Charles W. Burner. Deed Book 46, page 320

12 Dec 1898: Charles W. Burner and Mary S., his wife, sold to George Wilkins and Rufus A. Wilkins 60 acres for $1957.00. Deed Book 49, page 400

18 Jul 1901: George Wilkins and Mary E., his wife, sold his half interest to his brother, Rufus A. Wilkins. Deed Book 61, page 172

7 Mar 1911: Rufus A. Wilkins and T.E., his wife, sold to Ada S. Painter 60 acres for $5250.00. Deed Book 75, page 39

11 Aug 1932: Estelle M. Newell and John M. Newell, her husband; Fred R. Painter and Margaret F. Painter, his wife; Rena R. Painter and Virginia H. Painter sold to Ernest E. Painter real estate of which his mother, Ada S. Painter and his father, Robert T. Painter, died seized and possessed. Deed Book 110, page 355

Physical Description

The Robert Myers Home is a two story, L-shaped frame house with metal gabled roof and one outside stone chimney and two inside brick chimneys. The weatherboarding and cornices are plain wood. There are eighteen windows with twelve 8x10 panes. The porch was added later and has round colonial posts and fancy balusters. The entrance is a door having nine 8x10 panes.

There are six large rooms and the ceiling is eight feet high. The open string stairway has spindle balusters and turned post. Under the ell there is a cellar with a dirt floor. There are several six-panel two-cross doors of pine. The walls are plastered and papered. The doors have common outside locks and hinges. The floors are of wide boards, but part of the house has new flooring. There is one plain mantel.

Historical Significance

This house was unoccupied during the Civil War and the army horses were kept in it.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 12 2001