The Rinkerton Roller Mill

Location: About two and one half miles west of Mount Jackson, Virginia, on the Orkney Grade.

Built: circa 1800


7 Apr 1800: Henry Hottle to Moses Walton

1 May 1812: Moses Walton and Elizabeth, his wife, to Ephraim M. Rinker

22 Apr 1818: Ephraim Rinker to Christopher and Elizabeth Rinker

To Levi Rinker, Elizabeth Rinker's guardian, and from Levi Rinker to P.S.U. Rinker by will in 1880, and from P.S.U. Rinker by will to Martha Rinker Burrus and Virginia R. Blumm.

Physical Description

Just a few walls of the brick residence across from the mill are still standing. Across the road from this and north of the mill is a bungalow of logs, constructed about 1828 and was remodeled in 1924. It still has the hewn log partitions plastered and whitewashed as well as the small sliding windows.

The Rinkerton Roller Mill was set fire to twice during the Civil War, but the fire was extinguished each time before much damage was done.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 12 2001