The Robert Ryman Home

Location: Bank Street, Mount Jackson, Virginia, near the railroad on the south side of the street.

Built: circa 1840


7 May 1829: Manly F. Morrison and Maryan, his wife, sold to George A. Hupp. Deed Book HH, page 205

12 Dec 1832: George A. Hupp and Rachel, his wife, sold to John Walton. Deed Book MM, page 112

16 Jan 1833: John Walton and Lydia, his wife, sold to John Morgan. Deed Book MM, page 256

4 May 1840: John Morgan and Elizabeth Ann, his wife, sold to Derick Pennybacker. Deed Book SS, page 36

15 Apr 1848: Derick Pennybacker and Amanda M., his wife, sold to R.M. Conn. Deed Book YY, page 380

7 Feb 1853: R.M. Conn and Sebelia C., his wife, sold to John Koontz. Deed Book Q, page 497

21 Feb 1860: John Koontz and Mary I., his wife, sold to Lewis Bean. Deed Book 6, page 137

24 Feb 1860: Lewis Bean conveyed to Whitney D. Farr. Deed Book 6, page 130

10 Feb 1866: Whitney D. Farr, trustee of Hannah Bean, wife of Lewis Bean, and George W. Bean and John W. Bean, their children, sold to Lemuel Allen. Deed Book 7, page 479

2 Dec 1869: Lemuel Allen and Mary C.S., his wife, sold to Adam Rosenberger. Deed Book 9, page 266

18 Apr 1901: William R. Rosenberger, et al, heirs at law of Adam Rosenberger, deceased, sold to Harry Ortt. Deed Book 56, page 153

18 Apr 1903: Harry Ortt sold to Charles E. Phillips and Laura E., his wife. Deed Book 63, page 226

1 Apr 1915: Charles E. Phillips and Laura E., his wife, sold to William Clem and Elizabeth, his wife. Deed Book 81, page 149

30 Oct 1915: William Clem and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to L.B. Wolfe. Deed Book 82, page 59

24 Jan 1921: B. Wolfe and Effie R. Wolfe, his wife, sold to Mollie C. Branham. Deed Book 89, page 271

22 May 1922: Molly C. Branham and C.M. Branham, her husband, sold to Sallie King. Deed Book 91, page 310

26 May 1922: Sallie C. King sold to Robert W. Ryman. Deed Book 91, page 113

Physical Description

This two and one half story "L" shaped frame house was built in much the same style as other houses of that period. It has a metal deck roof with two chimneys, one on the east and one on the west ends. There are twelve windows with 18x20 panes and no shutters. A plain, one story porch is across the front of the house.

There are six large rooms with nine foot ceilings. There is a plain plastered cellar under the house. The doors are of the four-panel type with plain iron hinges and knobs. The walls are papered and painted and the floors are of wide boards.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 9 2001