The Stone House

Location: Two tenths of a mile from the crossing at Hudson's Cross Roads, Virginia.

Built: circa 1800


1770: Benjamin Hudson

1800, deed recorded 1802: Henry Baughman

1857: Thomas Hudson

unknown: Delora Hudson Tisinger

Physical Description

This house is built entirely of large stones, set one on top of the other, two stories high. The attic is in the form of a triangle.

The house is the same front and back. The windows are twelve panes, two up over two down. The door in the center has a four-pane light across the top. There are two windows in each triangle of the attic, one each side of the chimney, which runs the full length of each end of the house. The roof is of painted tin, put on over the original hewn rafters.

The fireplace in the kitchen is very large, with a small cupboard on the left side. The entire fireplace is framed in wood panels with narrow wood mantels.

The doors are six-panel with moulding around the facing; long strap hinges reaching the width of the door. The stairways to the rooms and attic are circular with triangular steps at the turn. The doors are boarded up and down with long iron hinges and iron latches.

The rooms are partitioned off with wide boards, running up and down. The rooms are small. A narrow hall leads upstairs from the kitchen and also to the downstairs rooms.

Historical Significance

This house was built about 1800 by Henry Baughman, who received the land by will from his father in 1802, near the old Indian Fort, the foundation stones of which one can see today (1937) on the northern corner of the lot near the road. It was from this house that the last Indian was seen, who ever came to this county. He was shot by one of the men and buried at the foot of Deerhead.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 13 2001