The S.W. Henkel Home

Location: On the corner of Lime and Congress Streets, at the Town Pump.

Built: 1854


6 Jun 1854: Nancy Zerkle of New Market, Virginia, deeded to John D. Zerkle of said town, a lot on which he is building a new house.

17 Apr 1883: J. Hite Bird, commissioner, deeded to L.P. Henkel and Luther M. Henkel lot No. 28, in New Market, Virginia.

29 Sep 1919: Luther M. Henkel willed to his daughter, Bertie Williams, wife of George B. Williams of Broadway, Virginia.

Physical Description

This house is made entirely of brick; the walls and partitions being twenty eight inches thick; the doors and windows are all of a different size, no two measuring the same. The brick were made in New Market, Virginia, by Goreley, and his name appears on each one. Inside the front door jamb is a log containing the following writing in blue carpenters' pencil: "carpenter work by Wickers, 1854"; this was found when the frame was removed for electric wiring. Mr. Rupp, a fresco painter, painted this house, and each panel under the windows in the living room has a different mountain and river scene, very beautifully painted and preserved.

Historical Significance

This house was used as a cadet hospital during the Civil War; seventeen cadets were nursed here.

Sources: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 14 2001