The Walton Craig Home

Location: Six and one half miles northwest of Mount Jackson, Virginia, on Route 716.

Built: circa 1830


12 Nov 1794: Michael Summer and Mary, his wife, sold to Mary Elizabeth, John, Henry, Susanna, Catherine, Sarah, Abraham and Barbara Huntsberger, children and heirs of Jacob Huntsberger, deceased, land which was conveyed to said Michael Summers by Martin Craun and Ann, his wife, June 23, 1788, which land was granted to said Martin Craun by patent. Deed Book L, page 167

21 Nov 1803: Mary Huntsberger, Christian Geborch and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Huntsberger, Henry Huntsberger and Rosina, his wife, sold to John Huntsberger their undivided 3/9 of tract.. Deed Book N, page 482

9 Oct 1809: John Huntsberger and Rachel, his wife, sold to Joshua Feltz (sic). Deed Book R, page 118

1 Nov 1833: George Lantz, executor of the last will of Joshua Feltz (sic), Sr., sold to Abraham Lutz. Deed Book NN, page 1

12 Jun 1848: Abraham Stover sold to Abraham Grabill. Deed Book 4, page 315

28 Feb 1854: Abraham Grabill and Eliza, his wife, sold to William Craig twenty acres. Deed Book 4, page 278

14 Jun 1856: William Craig sold to Peter Craig and Ann, his wife twenty acres. Deed Book 4, page 279

8 Jan 1872: Philip Hellsley, executor of the will of Peter Craig, deceased, sold to Walton Craig. Deed Book 11, page 11

5 May 1882: Walton Craig and Ellen, his wife, sold to Noah Wolfe, seventy six acres. Deed Book 24, page 312

13 Jun 1884: Noah Wolfe and Sarah Ann, his wife, sold to Philip Lewery (sic), twenty acres. Deed Book 26, page 90

31 Mar 1897: Philip Lewery (sic) and Sallie A., his wife, sold to William I. Lutz, twenty acres. Deed Book 47, page 47

Physical Description

The Walton Craig home is a two story rectangular shaped log structure with metal hipped roof and one red and yellow brick chimney in the center of the house. There are twenty windows with four 14x20 panes. The front porch is plain with oblong solid posts.

There are nine small and one large room with eight and one half foot ceilings. The walls have wide board wainscoting with the upper half being plastered, papered or painted. The floors are of wide boards put together with home made nails.

Sources: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 14 2001