The Washington Sager Home

Location: Four miles northwest of Woodstock, Virginia, near Fairview, on Route 604

Built: circa 1800


Probated 8 Sep 1800: Mathias Smoot devised to his son, Mathias. Will Book F, page 470

Feb 1860: Commissioner assigned land of Mathias Smoot, deceased. This tract of land was drawn by John A. Richards, son-in-law of Mathias Smoot. Deed Book 6, page 245

29 Feb 1860: John A. Richards sold to Samuel Smoot. Deed Book 6, page 133

9 Jun 1860: Samuel Smoot sold to John Sager. Deed Book 6, page 264

25 Jan 1890: John Sager sold to W.A. Sager. Deed Book 32, page 403

Commissioners were appointed to make partition of W.A. Sager's land; the land with all buildings thereon was assigned to his widow, Rada Sager. Deed Book 64, page 248

Physical Description

This house was built of logs, weather boarded, with one side built of planks laid one upon the other. Wide logs run through the house making an offset in the ceiling. There are chair rails and baseboards throughout the house. There are two outside stone chimneys with tall narrow mantels, six and one half feet in height, over closed fireplaces. There are two front doors with transoms. The one story front porch has ordinary round posts without balusters; it extends the entire length of the house. Another porch of the same type extends along the rear wing of the "L" shape, eleven room house. The floors are wide and of varying width planks; the doors have six panels with two crosses, and iron outside locks with iron coffee mill handles. The windows have been remodeled. The walls are plastered and papered. A wide hall at the end of the house has a decorated open string stairway with turned posts and small round rail, and small slat balusters; there is also a one flight stairway.

Historical Significance

A secret cellar is under part of this house, and is still called the "Yankee Cellar" because it was used to hide food during the Civil War. A large cupboard covers the door to this cellar.

Sources: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 14 2001