The Will Shutters Home

Location: Buzzard's Glory, two tenths of a mile west of the intersection of Route 716 and Route 260, on the south side of Route 260, one and one half miles north of Moore's Store.

Built: 1852


4 Jun 1852: William Miller and Rebecca, his wife, sold to Samuel Shutters the place known as the Fairview Distillery, one acre, twenty poles more or less.

31 Jul 1918: Between Frank B. Moore and Alice Moore, his wife, David E. Shutters and Emma Shutters, his wife, Charles E. Shutters and Emma, his wife, of Shenandoah County, Samuel A. Shutters of Rockingham County, Myrtle Singhinger and Jackson, her husband, of Page County of the first part, and Luella and Emma C. Shutters of Shenandoah County 26 acres of land and the buildings thereon. The estate of Samuel Shutters was appraised September 6, 1878, but the records were not found.

Physical Description

This two and one half story L-shaped frame house has a metal gabled roof and one brick and two stone chimneys. There are fourteen windows, some with four and some with twelve panes. There is a single story front porch and also a porch in the "L".

The house has six large and two small rooms with eight and one half foot ceilings. There are two boxed stairways. The house has a cellar with plain stone walls. The floors are of extra wide boards and the walls are papered and painted. There is a chair rail in several rooms.

Historical Significance

Mr. Will Shutters was in the Civil War, serving four years in Company K or C. He was never wounded nor imprisoned; he was captured once, but got away. His horse was shot from under him. He fought in the Battle of Bull Run, and was in Sheridan's Brigade. When Mr. Shutters was on guard duty, he came to a house where the people were ready to eat a fine meal, as he was invited to eat, he did so, not going back to tell the others; after so long a time, one of the members of his party was sent to see what had become of him; he also sat down and ate, as did the third and fourth also; whether the rest of the company got a meal or not is not known.

Sources: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 14 2001