The Walter Wisman Home

Location: Four miles west of Woodstock, Virginia, Route 604, for three miles, then Route 677 for one mile.

Built: circa 1800


13 Aug 1766: Philip Weesman received deed from the Lord Proprietor's Office, part of which tract of land became the George S. Wisman farm.

28 May 1878: George S. Wisman and Rebecca, his wife, convey to John Wisman.

17 Sep 1883: John Wisman and others convey to Josiah Wisman.

6 May 1925: Josiah Wisman bequeaths to Walter C. Wisman.

Physical Description

This large white house stands at the foot of a hill with spacious grounds around it, and many beautiful evergreen trees, old and tall. The front of the house faces up the hill with portico entrance right off the ground, while the rear of the house has a long two story porch, under which is the entrance to the basement. The interior has been remodeled.

Physical Description

Five generations of Wismans have lived in this house. The Wismans have held county offices frequently and Josiah Wisman was County Superintendent of Schools in 1910.

Sources: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created November 15 2001