Will of Frederick R. Mowrey

In the name of God, Amen! I Frederick R. Mowrey of the County of Shenandoah and State of Virginia do make this my last will in the manner and form following.

First I desire that my funeral expense and just debts be paid as soon as practicable after my decease by my Executor hereinafter named.

2nd I desire that all my Property both Real and Personal shall be sold as soon after my decease as practicable with out making a sacrifice of the same upon such conditions or term as my executors shall think best for the interest of my estate.

3rd After the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses as above stated I desire that the remaining portion of my estate be divided as follows to my son Frederick one Sixth of my said estate, to my Daughter Catharine Boyer one Sixth, to my son Robert A. one Sixth and to the children of my sons John Ephraim and Cornelius one Sixth a pieces, or in other words share and share a like, and for all my Children and Grandchildren to receive equally as the money may be received and disbursed by the Executors and it is my wish for Guardians to be chosen or appointed for my said Grandchildren whose duty it shall be to receive the monies from my Executor and dispense of the same as the law may require or such case, and as there is a Lot of Land containing Twenty Acres belonging to my Farm which I came into possession of by marriage with my last wife therefore I give and bequeath the same unto the heirs of her three children John Ephraim and Cornelius to be divided equally between the heirs of my said three sons which division I desire to be made by their respective Administrators and not come into the hands of my executors further than for them to have the survey made for them.

4th and Lastly, I nominate and appoint my son Frederick and my friend Joseph Wattson Executor of this my last will hereby ratifying this for and as such testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirty first day of March one thousand eight hundred and Sixty-six.

The will was witnessed by John W. Boehm, Abraham Mort and Benjamin Wattson. The will was presented to court on Monday, May 7, 1866. The appraisal of Frederick's estate is found on page 173 of Will Book 12, the total value is listed as $1,763.70. The sale of the estate is recorded on pages 174-177 of Will Book 12. Samuel G. Stephenson purchased 97 1/2 acres of land which included the homestead for $2,491.00 and William Pangle bought 50 acres of mountain land for $117.00. The estate brought a total of $3,031.40.

The Last Will and Testament of Frederic R. Mowery is recorded in Shenandoah County Will Book 12, page 93. The will was produced in court on 7 May 1866.

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