Other Notable Homes

Farther up Smith Creek is the old homestead of Captain Peter Scholl, mentioned by Thomas Lewis in his journal of the Fairfax Survey of 1746; and nearby is the Strickler home, long occupied by Miss Selina Strickler and her forefathers. These farmsteads are in the upper end of Shenandoah County. At short distances farther up Smith Creek, in the edge of Rockingham County, are Craney Island, the old Bird home (under Bird's Knob), and Rosendale, long the residence of George W. Rosenberger and his sons; now (1927) a part of the Endless Caverns estate. Hardscrabble, the old Williamson home, built in 1776 or thereabouts, is on the Pike just two miles above New Market, and about opposite Craney Island, on Smith Creek. Hardscrabble, too, is in Rockingham.

Excerpted from John W. Wayland's A History of Shenandoah County, Virginia

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Created November 15 2001