Walnut Springs Church Membership Roll
1901 - 1915
Transcribed from the original by Monty R. Loving, 2005

The following names appear in one of the oldest remaining registers of members of the Walnut Springs Church in Oranda. This list includes the memberís name, date of baptism or membership and the Minister performing the baptism if recorded.

Page from the original Church Record, early 1900s

NameDate of Baptism or MembershipMinister
K.M. AmbroseOctober 30, 1904N.B. Mitchell
Carrie Blosser  
Mrs. Julius Beeler  
Annie Baker  
Lillie Burcher  
Miss Lucy Boyer  
Miss Clara Long  
Wade Bucher  
Mrs. Mary Breedlove  
M. E Blanchfield  
Mary Blanchfield  
Ardelia Booth  
Owen Booth  
John Booth  
Hugh Booth  
J.O. Booth  
Jay Beeler  
Mrs. Jay Beeler  
Cleveland G. BoyerDecember 1, 1901W.L. Dudley
J.F. BlosserSeptember 6, 1902 
Lena C. BlyNovember 14, 1902 
George W. BoothNovember 28, 1903 
Joyce Beeler  
Pearl Booth  
Olla M. BoothNovember 17, 1904 
R.B. BoyerOctober 30, 1914R.B. Mitchell
G.M, BlanchfieldOctober 30, 1914R.B. Mitchell
Ruth BlanchfieldNovember, 1906 W.L. Dudley
Henry BlyJune, 1913C.A. Woodard
James P. Blanchfield  
C. F. BlyOctober 24, 1915M. Allen Stickley
Marion Bly  
Bertha Mae BlyJune 15, 1918 
W. A. Coffelt  
Effie Coffelt  
T. L. CoatesJune 29, 1904W.E. Dudley
Virgie N. Coates  
Maggie Coates  
Margie Coates  
E. B. Coates1905 
John E. Coates  
Emma N. Coates  
J. B. Courrnace August 29, ___D.H. Rhodes
M. R. CrabilJune, 1913 C.O. Woodard
Mrs. M. R. Crabill  
Gertie Cooper  
Leo. CooperJune, 1913 
Hollis Coffelt  
Mary E. CoatesOctober 22, 1915M. Allen Stickley
James R. Coates  
Thomas Coates  
Mabel CreamerMarch 15, 1917 
Ralph Creamer  
W.L. Dudley  
Mrs. W.L. Dudley  
Leona E. DirshNovember 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
Minnie DodsonJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
Venie DodsonOctober, 1915M. Allen Stickley
Willie Dodson  
Mrs. Cora Eaton  
Mrs. Clara Frye  
J.H. FinelyOctober 30, 1904 
Vergie FisherNovember 8, 1905 
Walter FlowersNovember, 1906W.L. Dudley
Laura FinleyJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
A.F. Godlove  
Mrs. A.F. Godlove  
James F. Gorden  
____ Grandstaff  
Lillie Grandstaff  
Sallie Grandstaff  
Laura E. GreenAugust 25, 1909D.H. Rhodes
S. Ed GoodJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
George AlgerJuly 3, 1915C. Allen Stickley
Warden GarrettOctober, 1915C. Allen Stickley
Jacob H. Hinkins  
Sloan Hinkins  
Agnes Hawkins  
Kate Hinkins  
Fannie Hinkens  
Pearl Hinkens  
Edna HinkensDecember, 1900W.L. Dudley
Bessie Hinkens  
Mrs. Frank O. Hottle  
Rebecca HeishmanSeptember 2, 1900 
Annie Hodson  
Lizzie Hodson  
Loma A. HimelrightJuly, 1901W.L. Dudley
Ema R. Himelright  
Myrtle HodsonNovember 15, 1902 
Mrs. Annie HimelrightJune 29, 1904 
L. (Kline) HelmOctober 30, 1904 
J.H. Hodson  
Vergie HensonNovember, 1906 
M. Henson  
Clarence HockmanApril 29, 1906 
Peter HinkensJune 24, 1909 
Lucy Hinkins  
Ernest Hinkins  
Mae M. HausenfluckAugust 29, 1909D.H. Rhodes
Alice HoarNovember, 1910 
Laura HottleJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
A. Hottle  
Agnes Hodson  
Emma Hodson  
Mary Hausenfluck  
John Jenkins  
Mariella Jenkins  
Mrs. Orna Jenkins  
Sallie Jewell  
Mrs. Carl Henry JenkinsNovember, 1903 
Ella JenkinsJune, 1905W.L. Dudley
Clarence JenkinsJune, 1913C.O. Woodard
Flossie Jenkins  
Mrs. I.L. Keller  
Mrs. J.R. Keller  
Isaac L. Keller  
Isaiah and Isaac Keller and Mrs. Emma Keller Wilson
Mr. Isaiah and Isaac Keller and Mrs. Emma Keller Wilson
Minnie (Ogden) Keller  
W.A. Keller  
Isaiah L. Keller  
Mrs. Isaiah Keller  
Sepha B. Keller  
Asa KellerDecember 1, 1901W.L. Dudley
Ellen O. Kern  
George W. Keller  
Mrs. Annie Kline  
Mrs. Agnes Keener  
James E. KackleyDecember 3, 1901W.L. Dudley
Albert KellerNovember 14, 1902 
Charles KellerNovember 28, 1903 
Julius J. KellerJune 29, 1904 
Sydnor KellerOctober 9, 1904W.B. Thrasher(?)
Mary E. KellerOctober 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
Nora F. Keller  
J.J. Keller   
R.R. Kline  
J.W. Kline  
Ethel M. Kline  
H.B. KeenerNovember, 1905 
Emma KeenerNovember 1906W.L. Dudley
Veta. T. Keener  
Mrs. Lucinda KackleyNovember 1910Tom Willy
Naoma Kackley  
C.R. KeenerJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
B. Lizzie Keener  
Walter W. Keener  
Rouche KeenerJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
Harry Keener  
Edward KlineJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
Charles R. KlineJanuary 17, 1915M. Allen Stickley
Odessa KeckleyOctober 22, 1915 
Hilda Keckley  
Henry Kackley  
James H. Light  
Lizzie Light  
Daisy Laughlin  
Mrs. Jane Laughlin  
Nellie Laughlin  
Ida C. Lichliter  
P.P. Lineburg  
Mamie C. LineburgDecember 12, 1901W.L. Dudley
Laura Long November 14, 1902 
E.E. LineburgOctober 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
Irvin Lineburg November 8, 1905W.L. Dudley
Cyrus Lineburg  
Mrs. Cyrus Lineburg  
James LeichliterJune, 1913C.O. Mitchell
Edna Legg  
Guy Legg  
Clarke Legg  
Laura Lowery  
Hilah LovingOctober, 1915M. Allen Stickley
Ada LovingOctober, 1915M. Allen Stickley
Pearl Lafollette  
Hilah Lafollette  
Nettie Lafollette  
Virginia Leichliter  
V. Hausenfluck  
Lesta Hall  
Clyde MathewsOctober 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
Cora McCally  
Claude Mitchell  
Drury C. Miller  
Hubert McColey  
Viola McColeyNovember, 1906W.L. Dudley
George W. MiddletonAugust 29, 1909D.H. Rhodes
James M. MillerJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
John W. ManuelJanuary 13, 1915M. Allen Stickley
Alice MillerJuly, 1915 
Mamie E. MoweryOctober 22, 1915 
J.H. Miller  
Virginia Miller  
H.P. Miller  
Mattie M. Miller  
Virgie Miller  
Elizabeth Miller  
E.W. Miller  
Mary Jane Miller  
Mrs. G.W. Miller  
Jacob F. Miller  
Bertie Miller  
Mattie Miller  
Mrs. Martha Mowery  
Daisy Myers  
Laura Mowery  
Herbert L. McIlweeDecember 1, 1901W.L. Dudley
Nath. Miller, Jr.December 3, 1901 
Isaac MillerJuly 6, 1902Timberlake
Mary E. Miller  
W. E. Miller  
Susie May Miller  
Effie R. Miller  
C.S. MillerNovember 14, 1902W.L. Dudley
Walter W. MathewsNovember 29, 1903 
O.H. MartinJanuary 10, 1904 
Russell A. MillerOctober 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
H.L. Miller  
Wife of H. L. Miller  
Arnie Neff  
J. J. Orndorff  
Sarah Orndorff  
C.W. Orndorff  
Minnie D. Orndorff  
Mrs. Lou Orndorff  
Bessie L. Orndorff  
Luther L. Ogden  
Lillie Ogden  
Joseph OgdenDecember 30, 1900 
Wetha(?) S. OgdenDecember 1, 1901W.L. Dudley
Mary E. OrndorffOctober 30, 1904 
M.M. Orndorff  
Kathryn E. OrndorffAugust 29, 1909D.H. Rhodes
Rosa B. OgdenSeptember 4, 1910G.W. Ogden
Gilbert OgdenJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
Catherine Pingley  
John W. Pingley  
Mrs. Arnie Pingley  
Arnie L. Pingley  
Mrs. Sarah Pingley  
James A. Pingley  
Mrs. Gurtie PangleOctober, 1885Preacher Spencer
Jacob Edward Pangle  
Robert PenceDecember 3, 1901W.L. Dudley
Mrs. Mattie PingleyJuly 29, 1904 
Grover C. PenceOctober 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
Estella L. Pangle  
Gussie Pangle  
Carrie E. Pangle  
Ella E. Palmer  
Bulah M. PingleyAugust 29, 1909D.H. Rhodes
Percy PangleJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
John Pingley(?)  
Guy PingleyJuly, 1915Allen Stickley
Gladys PangleOctober, 1915Allen Stickley
Oliver Ritter  
Mrs. Oliver Ritter  
Rebecca Rogers  
J.N. RosenbergerNovember 14, 1902W.L. Dudley
C.B. Rosenberger  
William L. RichardsonNovember 28, 1903 
Meredeth E. RaceyOctober 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
Mrs. Alberta J. Rogers  
Griff M. RaceyAugust 29, 1909D.H. Rhodes
Floyd RitterJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
Guy Rogers  
Ashby RitenourOctober 1915M. Allen Stickley
Mrs. W.L. RichardsonJune 15, 1918M. Allen Stickley
Pearl StickleyNovember 14, 1902W.L. Dudley
Larveria Stickley  
Effie S. Stickley  
S. E. StickleyNovember 28, 1903 
Turner A. Stickley  
Clara E. SibertJune 29,1904 
O.O. StickleyOctober 30, 1904R.B. Mitchell
Isaiah Peter SpikerOctober 30, 1904 
S.E. StickleyFebruary 18, 1906 
I. L. StickleySeptember 11, 1910 
W. Clarence ShermanNovember 10, 1910 
Mrs. Mary E. Sherman  
Miss Mary V. Sherman  
J. Ed Smoot  
Viola Smoot  
Mrs. S. E. Stella StickleyJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
Mrs. Arnie Spiker  
C.M. Stickley  
Fred F. StickleyJanuary 1, 1915Allen Stickley
Raymond StickleyJanuary 17, 1915 
Sidney StickleyMarch 1, 1917 
Mary Alberta Stickley  
Levi W. Sonner  
Eliza Stickley  
Martha Stickley of P.W.  
Mary Susan Stickley  
M. Virginia Stickley  
D. Ran. Stickley  
Katie Stickley of David  
Laura H. Stickley  
Katie Stickley  
Docia Stickley  
Emma Stickley  
Bernice Stickley  
Mr. Omer Stickley  
W.M. Stickley  
Mrs. W.M. Stickley  
Mary Alvira Stickley  
Maggie E. Smith  
Mary M. Smith  
William F. Smith  
Lydia F. Smith  
Mary S. Showalter  
Ada G. Showalter  
Dora Sager  
Luey A. Shull  
Susie Stickley  
T.H. Shull  
Bessie StickleyDecember 1, 1901W.L. Dudley
B.K. Stickley  
Rachel Tevalt  
Mary Trenary  
Mrs. A.W. Timberlake  
Daisy A. Timberlake  
Mrs. Alice Thurston  
Thomas Hauston(?)July 29, 1909D.H. Rhodes
M. Lester Tabler  
Mrs. M. Lester Tabler  
Douglas StickleyJune, 1913C.O. Woodward
Lucille Stickley  
Boyd Stickley  
Minor, Wimer(?) Sherman  
Mabel StickleyJune, 1918 


Walnut Springs Church Minutes, 1916

Photo and information courtesy of Monty Loving.

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