Levi Painter and Wife

This is probably Levi Painter who was born September 30, 1849 and died Feb 22, 1924 in Harrisonburg. He married Mary Magdalena Baker on February 9, 1871. Levi is the son of Philip and Catherine Painter. Mary was born August 13, 1848 and died August 22, 1910. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Baker. Levi and Mary were the parents of three children: Mrs. G.D. (Fannie) Baker, William C Painter and J.J. Painter. Levi is buried in Bethel. Source: "Someone You Knew II" by Judy Coffman Stickley

Jaymee Jenkins purchased this photo at an estate sale, having no interest other than to share the photo with others who may be related to the subject.

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