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Bethany Lutheran Church and Cemetery
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Bethany Lutheran Church Cemetery, Millertown, Virginia

On the mountain near Millertown, Virginia

Bethany Lutheran Church


Bethany Lutheran Church was founded in 1870 near Columbia Furnace. Three years later, the present church was built on the mountain. In 1877, the German Reformed part of the church split off from the Bethany Lutheran group. This church and cemetery are listed incorrectly in Borden's books as "Buzzard Glory." All the grave markers in the cemetery, numbering about eight, are wood, except one, but all are illegible.

Described by Lena Fuller as "the most adorable church in Shenandoah County", Bethany Lutheran Church has a pump organ and woodstove in the middle of the church, but no electricity. Services are held twice monthly and special services are held at Thanksgiving and Easter, as well as a candlelight service at Christmas. Access is very difficult, almost requiring four-wheel drive, as well as having to ford a small creek to get to the church.

Further information on Bethany Lutheran Church can be found in Michael J. Greene's book, "Valley Churches, Churches in Shenandoah County and Adjacent Locales in the Valley of Virginia", which is available in the Shenandoah Room at Shenandoah County Library.


Bethany Lutheran Church, founded 1870

Photos contributed by Michael Bruck.

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