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Betsey Ann Sailor


Shelley Cardiel has "rescued" two old photographs which appear to belong to the BLOSSER & SAILOR Families. The first is a photograph of Betsey Ann SAILOR which was taken at the T.J. Simcoe Studio in Marshall, Missouri. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1890's with Betsey looking to be in her 60's at the time it was taken. In addition to Betsey's name someone has written "Mother's oldest sister" on the back of the photograph.

Based on limited research Shelley believes that Betsey Ann SAILOR was born Elizabeth Ann BLOSSER on 10 Feb 1823 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and married Aaron SAILOR on 11 Aug 1842 in Pike County, Ohio. The couple is believed to have had 10 children including, William H., Joseph B., Susan, Jeremiah, Aaron, Mary J., Jacob, Elizabeth, Daniel B., and Cinthia A. SAILOR all born between 1845 and 1865, probably in Pike County, OH.

Records show that her husband Aaron SAILOR died 22 April 1866. In the 1880 census Betsy Ann SAILOR, age 57, is found living in Malta Bend, MO with 4 of her children, Mary J., Jacob, Daniel B., and Cinthia A. SAILOR.


Mrs. Sarah Blosser


The second photograph is of Mrs. Sarah BLOSSER and was taken at the Hurley Studio in Marshall, MO. This photograph was likely taken in the 1880's with Sarah appearing to be in her 40's at the time. Based on limited research Shelley believes that this is a photograph of Sarah BLOSSER age 42 born in Ohio, the wife of Henry BLOSSER age 49 born in Virginia, who are recorded in the 1880 census living in Marshall, MO with 7 children.

The BLOSSER children recorded in that census include, E.J. age 21, M.E. age 19, Joseph J. age 17, Quincy age 14, Henry I. age 9, William age 1, and "Unnamed" Male child age 2 months. The three oldest children are listed as born in Ohio with the last all born in MO.

Shelley isn't sure what the specific relationship is between these two women but is certain they are related in some way and is hoping to see the photographs returned to their rightful place with family. If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact Shelley Cardiel.

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