Union Forge
Records of the Forge, Store and Churches, Plus Genealogical Records
by Dr. Mary Ann Williamson

Blackford, Arthur and Company was the first developer of Union Forge. Many Shenandoah County residents either worked at the Forge or delivered coal to the Forge. Dr. Williamson was fortunate to have found these records. They were purchased from the Thurston Stoneburner estate. Dr. Williamson has written a book on the Union Forge which contains over 300 pages and includes many pictures of Shenandoah County residents as well as actual copies of the records.

We all want to find much more than just where our ancestors were born, who they married and where they died. With this book, we now have information on what some of them did for a living, what church they attended, and even their purchases at the store!

Also included are parts of Pastor Paul Henkel's journal in which he told about his travels. His journal includes entries on those he baptized and those he married. (A complete journal and dissertation will be placed in the Shenandoah County Archives.)

Shenandoah Farmers Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company

New Road from Strasburg to Harrisonburg

Harvest Time 1888
Long (Lang?)

Machinery Bought 1892

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With permission from author Dr. Mary Ann Williamson, copies of records presented in the book are presented here for your pleasure and excitement!

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