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BACON'S REBELLION: 1675 - 1676
  • Bacon's Rebellion by Kevin Frazier

  • REVOLUTIONARY WAR: 1775 - 1783
  • Jackson Revolutionary War Discharge

  • Morgan, John - Revolutionary War Pension Application Information

  • Revolutionary Pensioners living in Shenandoah County in 1835

  • Revolutionary War, Bird - Samuels Papers - Suggested reading for sources of Revolutionary War information on this site

  • Revolutionary War, Capt. Bowman's list, Dunmore County

  • Revolutionary War, Capt. Machir's list, Dunmore County

  • Shenandoah County Continental Soldiers

  • Company 3, 13th Regiment, Virginia Militia, 1802

  • CIVIL WAR: 1861 - 1865
  • Chronological list of Civil War battles in Shenandoah County

  • Biography of Edward T. Gaynor, Tenth Legion Artillery By Donald E. Watts (note document is in PDF format)

  • Diary of a Soldier of the Stonewall Brigade 1861-1862 By John H. Grabill

  • Artz Civil War Letters

  • Major Samuel B. Myers: Photo and war time letter to his wife Lizzie

  • Diary of Sgt. George Christopher Hamman, Co. F, 10th Virginia Volunteer Regiment

  • Iron Cross Ceremony for Private Henry Clay Singleton, C.S.A.

  • Pvt. John L. Schaeffer (photo)

  • Shenandoah Valley Confederates

  • M. M. Sibert's Irish Company - Organized Spring, 1861 in Shenandoah County

  • 8th Star Artillery - from Shenandoah County, May 1861 muster roll

  • Tenth Legion Artillery - December 1859, on duty for John Brown's trial and execution in Charles Town

  • Co. I, 58th Virginia Militia - Roster (source: Broadfoot database of Confederate Soldiers)

  • Co. K, 58th Virginia Militia - Roster (source: Broadfoot database of Confederate Soldiers)

  • Co. C, 97th Virginia Militia - Roster (source: Broadfoot database of Confederate Soldiers)

  • Co. G, 146th Virginia Militia - Roster (source: Broadfoot database of Confederate Soldiers)

  • 8th Battalion Virginia Reserves - Roster and history

  • DAMNYANKEES (Note this is spelled correctly - all one word!
  • They Fought For The Blue

  • Union account of the Battle of New Market

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