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17 MAY 1861

Captain William H. Rice's Company of Artillery from Shenandoah County was known as the 8th Star Artillery and was part of the Virginia volunteers called into service by the Governor under an Ordinance of the State Convention adopted 17 Apr 1861 to server for the term of twelve months unless sooner discharged. Enrolled for active service at New Market on the 17th of May 1861, they then traveled to Staunton, arriving on 31 May.

"This company was raised and mustered in as an Artillery Company, but being unarmed and the Ordnance prepared for them being by order of the Government transferred for the use of an Artillery Company from Tennessee, I have furnished them with Flintlock--Muskets and bayonets and cartridge boxes for use in the expedition to Beverly or Greenbrier River, in which a number of the company were either killed or wounded." - Maj. M.G. Harman

  Captain: William H. Rice  
1st Lieutenant: Joseph W. Jones 2nd Lieutenant: Edward T. Gaynor 2nd Lieutenant: Sidney A. Rice
  1st Sergeant: James A. Kingan  
2nd Sergeant: Casper K. Zirkle 3rd Sergeant: Ambrose C. Beaver 4th Sergeant: Hamilton McDaniel
  1st Corporal: Lewis H. Urner  
2nd Corporal: J.R. Higgs 3rd Corporal: D.H. Arnold 4th Corporal: Washington Bussell
Isaac Bowman Lewis H.M. Burven Joseph B. Bell
Michael Branner Philip Branner Joseph W. Bowman
William B. Clift Philip Dingledine Peter Dingledine
Adam Dingledine Raphael Estep John I. Estep
Benjamin Estep Isaac Estep John Flemmings
Edward H. Guard B.F. Graves Peyton Golliday
Andrew I. Graves S. David Huffman Samuel Higgs
David Holsinger Isaac Hotinger Moses Hotinger
John H. Kesler G.W. Koontz James L. Long
Samuel I. McDaniel William H. Miller Samuel McDaniel
James B. McNeal Robert L. Matthews John W. O'Roark
Berryman Z. Price Benjamin Pennybacker W.H. Phillips
Raphael H. Rinker John H. Read Strather A. Shaffer
Henry Spitzer John M. South Henry M. Smith
David C. Spitzer George L. Stillwell T.O. Swartz
T.F. Swartz S.L. Tidler Benjamin F. Woods
Hugh Windle Jacob H. Woods Elias Weatherholtz
Absalom Wilt   Andrew I. Woods
  Privates, July  
D.F. Kagey Joseph R. Bowman Thomas W. Hunton
John O'Roark David Fansler Franklin Jenkins
P.C. Henkel James Windle G.W. Kennedy
Robert McDaniel Thomas Robey William Brown
Reuben Moore George Moore L. Reuben Long
  John H. Neff  

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