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A List of the Names and some of the Residences of the Rebel Participants in Bacon's Rebellion of 1676 in Colonial Virginia

NameCounty of ResidenceMiscellaneous Information
Adams, PeterNorfolkexempt from pardon?
Allen, StephenSurrySouthwark Parish
Anderton, GeorgeMiddlesexcharged with adultery after revolt
Arnell, Anthony executed
Arnold, AnthonyWestmoreland (Henrico)in prison awaiting trial; sentenced to death; owned 500 acres; forfeited estate
Atkins, RichardSurryowned 274 acres after revolt
Bacon, NathanielHenricoplanter
Bagnall, JamesIsle of Wightcounty court clerk in 1646; owned 300 acres; owned 470 acres in 1683
Bagwell, JohnNorthamptonbegged for forgiveness on knees with rope around neck; owned 465 acres in Accomack in 1704; foreman of the jury in Rappahannock in 1675; owned 600 acres in Northampton in 1672
Baker, HenrySurrySouthwark Parish; owned 350 acres in 1684; wife and ten kids in 1697; owned 350 acre in Essex and 375 acres in Nansemond in 1704
Baker, ThomasLancasterfined 1000 lb. of pork; owned 100 acres in King William; London fishmonger and merchant; given 200 acres in 1679
Ballard, ThomasRappahannockesquire; sheriff in James City in 1660; took oath and friend of Berkeley and treated well; member of Kings council; speaker of council in 1680 and 1684; owned 725 acres in Rappahannock in 1673; 600 acres in Gloucester in 1657; 800 acres in Rapp. in 1666; 200 acres in N. Kent in 1661; Ballard's Corner in 1694 in Nanse.; Petsworth Parish in 1711 and 1714 in Glouc.; sheriff in Westmore. in 1676 and said Governor deserted government in face of Indians; Kingston Parish in Glouc. in 1690
Ballou, WilliamHenricoservant to Mrs. Vaulx; ordered back to serve
Baptista, John frenchman; hanged 20 Jan 1677; Berkeley said he was bloody
Barrow, James locked up at Greenspring
Barton, RichardWestmorelandasked for mercy
Beale, ThomasSurry 
Bennett, AmbroseIsle of Wight 
Bennett, JonasSurrySouthwark Parish
Bentley, MathewMiddlesexCaptain; briefly jailed
Bird, WilliamHenrico 
Blackford, WilliamMiddlesex 
Blankville, CharlesElizabeth Cityasked for pardon
Bland, GilesCharles Citycustoms inspector; hanged
Bland, JohnLower NorfolkSpanish merchant
Blaydon, ThomasCharles Cityplanter; pardoned
Blewford, RichardMiddlesex 
Blunt, WilliamSurrySouthwark Parish
Boodle, RobertMiddlesexCaptain; constable
Bowler, ThomasRappahannock 
Bray, JamesJames City 
Bremington, CaptainMaryland 
Brent, GilesStafford 
Brewer, JohnMiddlesex 
Brim, JohnMiddlesex 
Brookes, WilliamMiddlesex 
Brown, John  
Brown, RichardSurry 
Burgess, RobertSurryLieutenant; fined 8,000 lb. tobacco
Cardenpaine, Cor.SurrySouthward Parish
Carleton, StephenNorthampton 
Carver, WilliamLower Norfolkjustice and Captain; executed
Catlin, CaptainHenrico 
Cheesman, EdmundYorkCaptain/Major
Cheesman, Mrs.York 
Clarke, Hall  
Clark, JohnMiddlesex 
Clark, RichardNew Kent 
Clark, ThomasSurry 
Clay, CharlesHenrico 
Clements, JohnSurrySouthwark and Lawnes Parish; fined 300 lb. tobacco
Cocker, JohnNew Kent 
Code, JohnMaryland 
Cookson, WilliamHenricoCaptain; hanged
Crews, JamesHenricohanged
Davis, EdwardSurrySouthwark Parish
Davis, JohnIsle of Wight 
Davis, WilliamMarylandhanged
Dean, JohnJames City 
Death, Charles  
Digby, JohnLower NorfolkCaptain; servant
Donnahan, RichardWestmorelandasked for mercy
Drew, CaptainSurrywith Ingram at Greenspring
Drummond, SarahJames City 
Drummond, WilliamMiddlesexplanter; leader of rebels; hanged
Dudley, WilliamMiddlesexfined 16 hogsheads of tobacco
Evans, RobertSurrySouthwark Parish
Every, FraSurry 
Farloe, GeorgeYorkCaptain; hanged
Farmer, RichardLower Norfolksentenced to death
Farrar, Richard hanged
Fendall, JosiasMaryland 
Forbes, JamesSurrySouthwark Parish; asked for pardon
Forth, John escaped and forfeited estate
Fulgeham, AnthonyIsle of Wight 
Gale, MatthewGloucester 
Gee, HenryHenricofined 1000 lb. of pork
Gent, WilliamMaryland 
Gibbons, ThomasSurrySouthwark Parish
Gooch, HenryYorkLt. Colonel; fined 6000 lb. pork
Goodrich, JohnMiddlesex 
Goodrich, ThomasRappahannockLt. Colonel; begged for mercy
Gord, HenrySurry 
Gordon, ThomasRappahannockbegged for mercy and pardoned
Gouge, Coll.Henrico 
Green, EdwardSurry 
Gregory, FrancisSurry 
Gray, JohnSurreysigned declaration of people
Grind, Sarah Stage  
Groves, Williamsouth of Jamescommander; slain
Guthridge, JohnMiddlesex 
Hall, ThomasNew Kentcounty clerk; hanged; court-martialed on Martin's Ship
Hancock, WilliamSurry 
Hansford, ThomasSurryColonel; 1st Virginian born ever hanged
Hardidge, JosephWestmoreland 
Hardwick, JosephWestmorelandimprisoned after admitted guilt
Harris, GeorgeSurrySouthwark Parish
Harris, John  
Harris, ThomasIsle of WightLt. Colonel; captured
Hartland, AnthonyCharles Cityfined 5000 lb. tobacco
Hartly, ThomasMiddlesex 
Haselman, GilesMaryland 
Hatcher, WilliamHenricofined 8000 lb. pork
Hatton, GeorgePennsylvania 
Hauviland, AnthonyCharles Citywounded Thomas Moore; fined 5000 lb. tobacco
Heath, AdamSurry 
Heath, WilliamSurrySouthwark Parish
High, ThomasSurry 
Holden, RobertSurryprison; fined 5000 lb. tobacco
Hooke, Jeremiah banished
Hooper, GeorgeMiddlesex 
Howell, EdmundSurrySouthwark Parish
Hume, DavidMiddlesexLieutenant
Hume, GeorgeSurryasked for pardon; wrote bill grievance
Hunnicut, JohnSurryasked for mercy
Hunt, WilliamCharles CityFrench doctor; died before trial; property confiscated
Immers, JohnSurry 
Ingram, JosephCharles Cityleader after Bacon
Ironmonger, JohnSurry 
Isles, JohnNansemond 
Jennings, JohnIsle of Wightclerk court; died before banished
Joan, Robert  
Johnson, JohnLower Norfolkhanged
Johnson, NiSurrySouthwark Parish
Jones, Robert veteran English Civil War; sentenced to death; pardoned
Jones, WilliamSurrySouthwark Parish
Jordan, GeorgeSurrysigned declaration of rights
Jordan, Richard, Sr.Isle of WightBacon representative; signed county grievances
Joy, George New England
Judkins, RobertSurry 
Judkins, SamuelSurrySouthwark Parish; constable
Kay, RobertSurry 
Kendall, WilliamNorthampton 
King, ThomasSurrySouthwark Parish
Knight, RobertMiddlesex 
Knowles, SandsGloucesterprison unless forfieted property; asked for pardon
Langston, JohnNew KentCaptain; not pardoned
Lanier, JohnCharles City 
Lanquester, James captured, escaped
Lawrence, RichardJames CityPatrick Henry of rebellion; Oxford trained; escaped; not pardoned
Lawson, JohnJames City 
Lewis, StephenSurrySouthwark Parish
Long, ArthurSurryCaptain; begged for forgiveness; hanged
Lowder, RobertNew Kent 
Lushington, ThomasSurry 
Magnus, MathewSurrySouthwark Parish; asked for pardon
Mannering, StephenWestmorelandofficer; burned Wash. house; asked for mercy
Maples, ThomasJames Cityfined 1000 lbs of pork
Marshall, JohnIsle of Wight 
Miller, SimonRappahannock 
Miller, EdwardIsle of Wight 
Milner, George  
Minge, JamesCharles Cityclerk House of Burgesses; drew up Bacon papers at Middle plantation
Muschamp, ChristopherWarwickasked for mercy; pardoned
Myrick, OwenSurry 
Newett, WilliamSurrySouthwark Parish
Nichols, HenryMiddlesex 
Overy, JeremyMiddlesex 
Owen, JeremiahMiddlesex 
Page, Henry carpenter; hanged
Pate, John Maryland; hanged
Pearce, SamuelSurrySouthwark Parish
Penny, RichardIsle of Wight 
Pettaway, EdwardSurrySouthwark Parish
Pettaway, WilliamSurrySouthwark Parish
Phelps, EdwardYorkwith Sarah Grindon
Philips, John, Sr.SurrySouthwark Parish
Pittman, Thomas, Sr.SurrySouthwark Parish
Pomfrey, Richard sentenced to death
Porter, RobertNew Kent 
Potts, WilliamRappahannockbegged; pardoned
Powell, ThomasGloucesterCaptain
Proctor, GeorgeSurrySouthwark Parish
Pulestone, JohnSurrySouthwark Parish
Pygott, JohnHenricoswears against loyalist
Regan, DanielSurry 
Regan, ElizabethSurrywife of Daniel; whipped for being verbal
Reymey, BarnardMiddlesex 
Rice, DominickNorthumberlandbegged for mercy; imprisoned
Richens, JohnMiddlesexbanished and returned in 1680
Rogers, John, Sr.Surry 
Rogers, JosephSurryLawnes Creek Parish
Rookings, WilliamSurryMajor; sentenced to death; died in jail
Ross, AndrewMiddlesexjailed in 1681 for suspicion
Rowland, William  
Rugbye, WilliamSurryasked for pardon; Southwark Parish
Rutherford, JohnSurryjailed and fined; Lawnes Creek Parish
Sadler, Matthew  
Sanders, JohnNansemondjailed and fined 2000 lbs tobacco
Scarburg, CharlesAccomackCaptain; fined 40 lbs to government and pardoned
Scarborough, WilliamMiddlesexsentenced to death
Seaton, GeorgeGloucesterprison or forteit property then pardoned
Senior, ThomasSurryasked for pardon; Southwark Parish
Sharpe, RichardIsle of Wight 
Sherwood, WilliamCharles City 
Simmons, WilliamSurryEnsign
Skelton, JohnSurryHouse of Delegates from Goochland; asked for pardon
Skewon, EdwardCaptain 
Skinner, JohnSurryasked for pardon; Southwark Parish
Skinner, MarySurrywife of John; whipped for being vocal
Slaughter, AnthonyMiddlesex 
Smith, ArthureIsle of WightLt. Colonel; took oath with Middle Plantation
Smith, JohnRappahannockLt. Colonel; took oath of allegiance
Spencer, AlexSurrySouthwark Parish
Spring, Robert  
Starbrough, WilliamSurry 
Steele, RichardSurry 
Stokes, RobertIsle of Wighthanged
Sturdevant, JohnCharles Citynot pardoned
Swann, ThomasSurryColonel; signed declaration of people
Tarieton, StephenNew Kent 
Tarvet, JohnSurrySouthwark Parish
Taylor, John banished
Thompson, RichardLancasterasked for forgiveness
Thorp, OthoYork 
Tibalis, WilliamHenricofined 1000 lbs pork
Tomlin, MatthewIsle of Wighttook oath
Tomson, RichardNorthumberlandprison and asked for pardon
True, RichardSurrySouthwark Parish
Turner, JamesNew Kent 
Turner, JohnCharles Cityhanged or escaped?
Turney, RichardWestmorelandnot pardoned
Vahan, WalterSurryasked for pardon; Southwark Parish
Walker, AlexanderYork 
Walkett, Gregory rebel commander after Bacon's death
Warr, ThomasIsle of Wightbanished
Weatherby, ThomasMiddlesex 
Weekes, RobertCharles City 
West, HenryIsle of Wightbanished to England for seven years and estate forfeited
West, John pardoned
West, WilliamNorthumberlandbrother Henry; hanged?; escaped from jail
Whaley, Thomas Major; took oath; commanded garrison
Wheeler, NevettCharles Citypardoned
Whitson, JohnSurry 
Whore, William  
Wiatts, NicholasGloucesterCaptain
Williams, GeorgeSurryasked for pardon; Southwark Parish
Wilsford, ThomasNorthumberlandCaptain; hanged
Wilson, JamesNew Kenthanged
Wisdom, JohnRappahannockbanished
Woodlief, JohnCharles Cityasked government to fight Indians with John Lanier
Wood, WilliamMiddlesex 
Wyatt, NicholasCharles City 
Young, ThomasJames Cityhanged; with Cromwell in English Civil War
Rebel Occupations

Clerk of Court6
Customs Collector1
King's Council3

Rebel Residences, Land Ownership and History

CountyResidencesOwned over 500 acresOwned less than 500 acres
Charles City1452
Elizabeth City101
Isle of Wight16104
James City751
Lower Norfolk511
New Kent940
* Largest group recorded - Southwark Parish, Surry County
Miscellaneous statistics

From Maryland7
From New England1
From Pennsylvania1
Fought in English Civil War2
Sentence to death or hanged24
Rebellion leaders and their fates

Nathaniel Bacondied of bloody flux and lice infestation during revolt
William Drummondhanged
William Grovesslain
Richard Lawrence"Patrick Henry of Rebellion"
Joseph Ingram 
Gregory Walkett 
Rebel Army

2 Lieutenants/Ensigns
20 Captains
3 Majors
6 Lieutenant Colonels
6 Colonels
2 Generals
Estimated Structure:
11 companies of 60 men each based on the average size of an English company
11 x 60 = 660 men + senior officers = approximately 700 men
Actual Number of Rebel Names Found:
234 male
5 female
239 total


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