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Revolutionary War Discharge Paper
for Moses Jackson - 1781

Moses Jackson's Rev. War Discharge which was taken by the National Archives' photographer from Moses' widow, Christiana Jackson's Widows File #W9073 which reads:

"I do Hearby Certify that Moses Jackson a soldier from Shanidoer County hath searved his tower of duty under Meager Walch in Col. Edmonds Ridgement and Genral Stephans Bragade given under my Hand This 5th day of October 1781.

Silvanus O'Dell

According to Christiana Jackson' sworn statement dated 17 Aug 1836 in Gallatin County, KY, her deceased husband, Moses Jackson, while a resident of Shenandoah Co.Virginia did again enter the service of the United States about the 1st of July 1781 as a volunteer and militiaman upon a tour of three months and as a private soldier in the company of Capt. Odell that the said company rendevoused at the court house in the said county of Shenandoah and states also and from there marched as well as she now recollects to Winchester Virginia and ..... from Winchester they marched on to little York and that he was there at or near about the time that Cornwallis was taken. She further states that she is of the opinion that he was discharged at little York. She is confident that he served out the said tour fully and faithfully as his original discharge is now is her possession and is herewith filed with the papers upon which she files to obtain for her a pension in behalf of her deceased husband. She further states she was married to said Jackson in the month of ___ 1778 and further states that her husband departed this life on __ day of May 1821. Note: Pension was issued 8th day of June 1840.

Moses Jackson 1st tour appears to be for 6 months from April to October 1780 and was stationed at Winchester during that time.

Moses Jackson is the 3rd great grandfather of Robert L Jackson. Thanks so very much to Bob for this contribution!

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