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General George Armstrong Custer, U.S.A.
Inflicted much damage upon his own family during "The Burning" under Gen. Phil Sheridan in the fall of 1864 and was killed at Little Big Horn, South Dakota by Sioux Indians in 1876
The Custer families of Rockingham County as well as Berkeley County, (West) Virginia, are descended from the same German immigrant as George Armstrong Custer
Benjamin Franklin Green
Born 1845, enlisted 23 May 1861 in Co. K, 5th Virginia Infantry; enlisted 23 Jul 1862 in Co. H, 6th Virginia Cavalry
POW 29 Oct 1862; to Atheneum Prison, Wheeling; to Camp Chase 2 Nov 1862; exchanged 2 Dec 1862; POW 31 Oct 1863, to Fr. Mifflin, PA
Enlisted 2 Dec 1863, Philadelphia, PA; U.S. Marine Corps; deserted 19 Oct 1864
Martin L. Grubbs
Born circa 1839; served in 2nd Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.; wounded at 2nd Manassas, 28 Aug 1862; POW at Winchester, 4 Oct 1863; to Wheeling, Camp Chase, Rock Island, Illinois
Enlisted in the U.S. Army for frontier service, 18 Oct 1864
Harrison Holland
Enlisted 16 Apr 1862 in Co. D, 2nd Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.; POW at Standardsville, 29 Sep 1864; to Point Lookout
Joined U.S. Army, 15 Oct 1864
George E. McEndree
Enlisted 7 Dec 1861 in Co. L, 5th Virginia Infantry; wounded 28 Aug 1862, Manassas; wounded Jul 1863, Gettysburg; POW 22 Sep 1864, Strasburg; to Point Lookout
Joined the U.S. Army 14 Oct 1864
Andrew McInturff
Postwar residence: Modina, Missouri
Occupation Farmer
Enlisted as Sergeant, 12 Aug 1861 (age 24), Co. C, 5th Cavalry Regiment Kansas, U.S.A.
Promoted to Full Private, 8 Nov 1861 (Reduced to at own request)
Wounded, 11 May 1863, Mount Vernon, AR
Mustered out, 7 Sep 1864
Thomas Jefferson McInturff
a.k.a. Thomas J. McInturff
Postwar residence Chicago, Illinois
Enlisted as Private, 23 Jan 1862, Co. E, 7th Cavalry Regiment Kansas, U.S.A.
Reenlisted, 1 Jan 1864
Mustered out, 2 Apr 1865, Patterson, MO
John H. McLaughlin
Enlisted 18 Apr 1861 in Co. H, 10th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.; wounded 3 May 1863, Chancellorsville; POW Jul 1863, Gettysburg; released from prison 18 Mar 1864
Joined U.S. Navy, Mar 1864
George W. Munch
Enlisted as Private, 4 Oct 1864 at the age of 19
As a substitute in Co. D, 65th Infantry Regiment, Ohio, U.S.A.
Mustered out 5 October, 1865
John W. Nisewander
Enlisted 10 Apr 1862, in Co. C (2nd), 10th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.; POW 12 May 1864, Spotsylvania Court House
Joined U.S. Army 19 May 1864
William Andrew Pullin
Born 6 Feb 1834; died 6 Mar 1903, buried Union Forge Church Cemetery, near Edinburg; served in Co. C, 7th Virginia Cavalry; Captured 7 May 1863, New Market
Camp Chase, Johnson's Island, Point Lookout; oath of allegiance and released 24 Feb 1864
Joined U.S. Service
David Ross
Enlisted 18 Apr 1861 in Co. F, 10th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.; POW 3 Jul 1863, Gettysburg
Joined U.S. service 25 Jan 1864
Mahlon G. Saum
Enlisted 18 Apr 1861, in Co. F, 10th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.; POW 3 Jul 1863, Gettysburg; to Fort Delaware
joined U.S. Navy 16 May 1864
Columbus Shelton
Enlisted 2 Jun 1861, in Co. K, 10th Virginia Infantry; POW 3 Jul 1863, Gettysburg
Joined U.S. Forces
George W. Shuff
Enlisted as Private, 3 Jul 1863, Co. I, 129th Infantry Regiment, Ohio, U.S.A.
Mustered out 7 Mar 1864
Served as a cook in the Union Army, Ohio
Joseph E. Sine
Enlisted 23 Apr 1862 in Co. K, 33rd Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.; wounded 28 Aug 1862, Second Manassas; deserted Oct 1863
Enlisted Co. B 3rd Regt. West Virginia Cavalry, U.S.A.
Lorenzo Strosnider
b. 20 May 1833, Frederick County, Virginia
d. 21 Dec 1891, Jackson County, Ohio
buried: Fairmount Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio
Parents: Elijah and Elizabeth Frackley/Kackley Strosnider
Spouse: Emarillas Exline
Enlisted as a Private on 9 July 1861, George's Independent Cavalry Regiment, Ohio, U.S.A.
Mustered out 19 September 1861
Enlisted as a Private on 30 October 1861 at the age of 28 in Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery Regiment
Mustered out 4 July 1865 in Columbus, Ohio
Postwar residence: Ohio
Brothers who fought in the Confederate Army:
John William Strosnider, Private, Co. A, 10th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.
Simon W. Strosnider, Private, Co. H, 11th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A.
Henry Richard Strosnider, Co. D, 33rd Virignia Infantry, C.S.A.
John S. Tobin
Enlisted 3 Mar 1862 in Co. K, 10th Virginia Infantry; wounded 21 Aug 1862, Rappahannock River; POW 12 May 1864, Spotsylvania Court House
Joined U.S. Army 24 May 1864

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