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  • Civil War Diary of a Soldier of the Stonewall Brigade By: John H. Grabill - Transcribed from the "Shenandoah Herald" By Jackie Milburn

  • Strasburg Pottery Fest in Celebration of 250 years June 18, 2011

  • Hupp Family Ancestors; Thank you Daniel W. Bly!

  • Indentification of the Earliest Owners and Residents of the Site Now Called "The Frontier Fort" Strasburg, Virginia 1735-1900; Researched and Prepared by Daniel W. Bly; Grottoes, VA, February, 2011: Thank you Daniel W. Bly!

  • Tombstone project: Placing maps and photos on the listed Cemeteries; A work in progress!

  • Newspaper account of the Battle of Hanging Rock January 21, 1862; Thanks to Ruth Reedy!

  • Obituaries from newspaper clippings  Thanks to Russell & Gloria Bushong!

  • Marriages from newspaper clippings  Thanks to Russell & Gloria Bushong!

  • Voters in the Oranda Precinct, 1891 - 1901

  • Walnut Springs Church Auxiliary records

  • Ministers of Walnut Springs Church, Oranda

  • Walnut Springs Church Membership Roll, 1901 - 1915

  • History of Walnut Springs Church

  • Mildred Loving, Shenandoah County's first Special Education teacher

  • History of Oranda School

  • Special thanks to Monty Loving for contributing the Oranda and Walnut Springs items!

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