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Clinch Valley News Folder -- Articles submitted by Michelle

FYI -- Many of the news items that were listed here previously have been moved over to the Clinch Valley News Folder.  Items appearing below have not been moved over yet - but will be moved over the next couple of weeks.  Many thanks to Michelle for her hard work in obtaining and submitting this material.

  • Harry B. Altizer, 1943
  • Shawver Mill Happenings:
    • 08 September 1933Surnames include:  Lambert, Carter, Neel
    • 02 August 1935Surnames include:  Leffel, Giles, Wallace, Walker, Grubb, Pruett, Summers, Burkett, Clemons, Neel
    • 28 August 1936 Surnames include:  Puckett, Grubb, Leffel, Gregory, Compton, Shawver
  • Tazewell Co. Happenings:
    • 27 August 1886Surnames include:  Kelly, Dodds, Wickham, May, Painter, Pierce, Gillespie, Belcher, Boone.
    • 23 & 30 August 1912Surnames include:  Edwards, Vandyke, Reedy, Rich, Necessary, Campbell, Brown, Witten, Warren, Brown, Tynes, Buchannan, Heldreth, Crockett
  • Newspaper Happenings from The News Progress of Richlands, VA dated July 9, 1942

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