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1801 Slaveholders
This list is taken from Tazewell County Tax records as recorded in the book Achives of the Pioneers of Tazewell County, Virginia by Nettie Schreiner-Yantis. Compiled by Candy Parent, October 28, 1999.

Robert Balsh, Sr.
Robert Barnes
Reese Bowen
Henry Bowen
James Bailey
John Bailey
John Compton, Sr.
William Cecil
John Compton Jr.
William Davidson
Joseph Davidson
John Davidson
John Greenip
William George & Evans
William Gant
Thomas Gillaspy
William Garrison
Moses Higgonbotam
Thomas Harrisson
David Hanson
Daniel Harman
Henry Harman (son of Henry)
Henry Harman WC
Matthias Harman, Jr.
Phebe Harman
William Hall
William Hansley
Robert Higgonbotam
John Laird
John Lasley
James Maxwell
William McGuire
William Neell
Edward Pauley
Thomas Peery
James Peery, Sr.
John Peery
William Peery
George Peery
Thomas Pickens
Richard Steel
Alexander Sayers
James Sloan
Michael Stump
William Taylor
John Tollett
Arch. Thompson
Lidia Thompson
And. Thomspson
Thomas Whitten
James Whitten
Robert Whitley
William Wynne
Samuel Walker
Mary Wallace
Robert Wallace
David Waggoner
Jacob Waggoner

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