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Queries Posted in 2003

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December 29, 2003
I am researching the Hurd family from Big Stone Gap, VA. Lon Hurd, born 1898, son of James and Ella Hurd. Married to Julia Hopkins Hurd, born about 1906, had five children: James, Hubert, Margaret, MIldred and Nira? Lon was born in (Edison?), TN.

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December 27, 2003
I'm looking for information on John A. Kendrick, born 11/13/1782 in Virginia. He married in 1812 in South Carolina, and died in Tennessee 12/4/1850. I have no information on his parents or siblings. Thanks so much!

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December 16, 2003
Looking for information on Thomas William Jones born May 10,1921 and died Jan. 2,1986. It says on the internet that he died in VA. I have no idea where he died. My Thomas was born in Harrisburg, IL. And moved to Michigan as a child. Went into the Army. Could some one help me find out if this is the same Thomas as I am looking for?????????? any information would help me. Thanks ahead of time. Waiting to hear from you.

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December 10, 2003
I am searching for the CANIPE family. Joseph B. Canipe was born in VA per census records; he is in Illinois by 1854. Thank you.

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December 9, 2003
I am looking for information on Charles Davenport born in Virginia cir- 1787...He was married to Jane UNKNOWN and he and/or his children migrated to Hall or Forsyth Co. Georgia, ending up in Saline Co. AR. Any info would help. Thanks...

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December 8, 2003
I am searching for an M. Hicks who married a Dawn or Darin Priow, Prion or Friow. I know this is a stretch, but have recently found death certificate of James K. (believed to be Knox) Hicks (born 12/20/1844 and died 10/30/1928 in Tennessee) which lists his parents as above and difficult to read. Also on the 1900 Census of McMinn County in TN lists his parents as both being born in Virginia. Any info or leads would be appreciated.

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December 6, 2003
I am looking for any info on a James CHAMBERS born in Va. 1735, married Mary TIPTON Anne Arundel Co., Maryland 1764. Thanks for any help given !!

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December 4, 2003
Looking for a SPENCER family plantation, from perhaps the early 1830's. One family member moved to Iowa, while the parents and siblings remained in Virginia. Nothing is known of the Spencer family that remained there after the Civil War. Does anyone have possible info.?? Lois Fairfield

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November 30, 2003
I am searching for any information about my g-g-grandfather. He is listed as J.W. McKnight, born in VA. around 1810. The 1880 TEXAS Census record I found on him lists him as 71 yrs. old and being born in VA. His wife is listed as Catherine (no maiden name) and she is 51, born TN. Any help would be appreciated. I have no idea where to start looking in VA. Thanks.

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November 28, 2003
Looking for information/parents/gr. parents of Joseph Farmer born Wytheville Va. 1785? Joseph left Va. for Ky. with wife Sarah. Settled in what is now Pulaski County Ky. Thanks!

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November 25, 2003
Looking for any information on my direct ancestor named Wise Hill, wife and parents unknown. Children were Hannah Hamilton Hill Styron, John, Henry, and Peter Hill I. Was on the eastern shore of Virginia circa 1730-1740. After that, ended up in eastern North Carolina, Carteret County. Theory is that he might have been connected to the Wise family on the eastern shore.

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November 20, 2003
I'm looking for any information on a George FLING, born in Virginia cir. 1797.

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November 19, 2003
I am looking for William A. Foster who was born in l801 in Va. I have found a William A. Foster in the 1820 census for Shenandoah Co., but cannot prove that he is the right one. The William Foster I am looking for moved to Pa. in the 1840s and spent the remainder of his life there. He was possibly married to Sarah and sons were Martin, Asbury, and Erastus all born in Va. A daughter, Mary was later born in Pa. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mary Jane

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November 15, 2003
I am looking for the parents of Tabitha Eakin b Oct 1846 her parents are listed as being born in Virgina but no name, Can you help me find information. Tabitha may have been born in VA or Ohio. Thanks

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November 10, 2003
Looking for Wyatt Edmunds (Edmonds) who married Rebecca Beck in Brunswick Co. Va. Where did they move? Was Parson Edmonds their son?

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October 30, 2003
Aug (Augustus) Handlin. b.appx.1820 in Virginia. Would like some help in this area. Maybe a census record. I found him and his family in the 1870 census in AR. So just maybe he would be in the 1860 census. I'm new at this. HELP. Thanks

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October 22, 2003
I am trying to find information on Wilson Basil Lewis. He was born around 1750 in Greenbriar Co. WV. which was part of either Augusta or Orange Co. Virginia. He was married in Bototourt Co. Virginia in 1774 to Racheal Griffith, daughter of Thomas Griffith. I am unable to find anything else about him, which makes me wonder if he really was from any of these counties. I would love to know who his parents and beyond were as well as his siblings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He is my grgrgrgr grandfather.

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October 17, 2003
My ancestor was Solomon Ray who married Jane Echols in 1796 in Wilkes co Ga. He died in 1813 in Ga. I am trying to find who his father was. Someone said they thought he might have been a descendant of Moses Ray from Amherst Va but that may not be correct. Anyone know who the parents of Solomon Ray were please email me. Thanks, Ross

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October 9, 2003
I recently found a Buckner family cemetery on the same farm my GG Grandfather, Elisha John Dodson (b.1830, in Patrick Co., d. 1901) is buried on in Franklin Co. Buckners of the same names that are on the stones are listed as living next to a Dodson family in the 1900 census. It is the census of the Long Branch District of Franklin Co. Could you tell me where this district is located? Appreciate any help.

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October 3, 2003
Hello, I am looking for any, and all information on William Lewis. I know he married a woman named Elizabeth. I know of only one child they had together. His name was Thomas Lewis. Now Thomas married an Eliza Thompson. William, and Elizabeth lived in Russell County, Va. at some point. That is where their son was born, and married. I am looking for any other children they had. Where they themselves were born, and died. Where they married. An any other information you may have. I thank you very much, for any information you may have.

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October 3, 2003
Who knows the descendants of all of Gen. Joseph Eggleston Johnston's brothers, from the period of 1800 to 1899? (Descendants of Peter and Mary Wood Johnston
I know for my Mom's great Uncle Sam was a Railroad official in Chattanooga way way back, and got his job because of his "Uncle Joe"... truth or fiction is yet to be determined, but Joe looks like my Mother, and is a dead ringer for my Brother...
I don't think people could look so much alike unless they were related. When I saw the first picture of Joe in a Washington Museum, I was stunned at my Mother's eyes looking at me, so which of Joe's Brothers could be my Uncle...
Well my Mom's Grandad was John Adrian Johnston, born near 1870, so there could not be lot of space to fill in between one of Joe's siblings and John Adrian, who was born in North Georgia....and may very well be a Nephew or Grandnephew of Joe E.
I can't imagine Joe's descendants being so elusive. On the other hand, my extended Family elders are all gone, and frankly were North GA hill people who did not care to save any information for posterity, my trail stops abruptly with John Adrian Johnston. .... HELP !

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September 29, 2003
I am seeking information relating to Moses Jackson born about 1760 in Shenandoah, Va. Wife Christiana Walters. I an really instruted in the parents of Moses Jackson.

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September 23, 2003
I am doing a research on my family history. I need information on James RAY who was born around 1760 and a woman by the name of Polly Younger (daughter of John Younger Sr.) They had children... I am not sure of how many. One of their son's is Charles Ray. I am trying to find out if Polly is related to the Youngers that left Virginia and went to Tn, Kentucky and on to Missouri (Cole Younger and his family )

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September 23, 2003
I am looking for any information on Sarah McDanal or McDaniel who was born in Virginia in 1795.She married Edmund Sutton around 1810.Thank you.

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September 22, 2003
I am trying to locate where James Crockett Lewis Sr. was born. He was most known by Crockett Lewis. He passed away in Castlewood Virginia, in 1973. I am also looking for his father's name, and place of burial. I know his mother's name was Eliza V. Thompson Lewis. I am also looking for any information on the following names: Florence Lewis Delph, Annie Lewis "Meade", and any other Lewis' that fit in this family. I thank you for all information.

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September 21, 2003
Need to locate a John Sterling born about March 1854 somewhere in Virginia. The 1880 Census of Parker Co., TX is not clearly written so date "could" be 1864, another census indicates ca 1852. He is NOT the John Cook Sterling, born Dec. 17, 1854 in the City of Richmond because I have "his" death as a toddler in same location. Parents are clearly stated in that birth record and the death record. HELP PLEASE!!! There IS a John Henry Sterling age 8 on 1860 Preston Co., VA census (later West Virginia). I don't locate him on 1870 census. Then 1880 he is in Parker Co., TX, age 28 shown and newly married. This morsel has possibilities.

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September 18, 2003
I am searching for info on parents of Thomas CLEMONS born abt 1815 in TN, his parents were born in Virginia but I don't know where to start. In 1850 he & Rebecca are in Muhlenberg Co,KY and I believe he is the Thomas Clemons in Giles Co,TN in 1836. Can you point me in the right direction?

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September 14, 2003
I'm trying to find out about physician named M. Vaughan who was born in Virginia around 1809. He later moved to Lawrence County, Alabama. Are there any records on physicians at that time? I'm trying to find out what county in Virginia was he originally from and who were his other family members. He may have had a connection with the Gray family of Kentucky and Lawrence County, Alabama.
I'm also trying to find out what county my ggggrandfather Ryland Vaughn (or Vaughan) was originally from in Virginia. He also ended up in Lawrence County, Alabama and may have had a connection with physician M. Vaughan and/or the Gray family.
Thank you

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September 14, 2003
Looking for any living realitives or Desendants of Lawrence Quesenberry who married Louvenia Bond (Burnette), My Great Grandparents. My Grandparents were Cephus Louis Quesenberry and Nannie Monroe of Meadows of Dan, Va Thanks,

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September 13, 2003
I would like to find the County and Township in Va. where my gggrandfather George Hall GRANT was born in 1805. Also I would like to know who his parents were. His father could also have been named George, but I don't know. Apparently he lived in Washington County, Ward 4 in Washington D.C. most of his life but according to census was born in Va. He married Margaret Vermillion in 1826 in DC. I hope someone has info about him.

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September 10, 2003
Seeking info on an Alpheus Wright (born 1826) whose parents migrated to Indiana from Virginia. We know he was born in Indiana but he lists his Parents as being from Virginia. common names handed down throughtout the family include Alpheus, Cyrenus, George, William, Cassius any help or clues to which county to look in would be greatly appreciated

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September 10, 2003
Trying to trace Clowes family. Looking for parents of Charles Albert Clowes. 1870 Michigan census give John H. Clowes born in Virginia in 1827, no county given. Married Ellen ????? Thanks for any response. --

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September 1, 2003
I have a Daniel Davis born in 1790 in Washington County Tenn. He married Hannah Stoneman in Grayson County Virginia. She was the daughter of James Sr. and Sarah Freeman. He was a Methodist lay preacher. I do know they went to Greenbrier County Virginia and then to IL. I am looking for his parents

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August 27, 2003
Looking for information on my 4th great grandmother-Adeline Skinner b: abt 1831(somewhere in Virginia). I have no information on her except. She may have ended up in the Georgia area at some point. Because she married one-Carter Coleman -b: abt 1816 in Georgia(4th great grandfather). Then this family moved to the Alabama area, unknown as to the time frame, I'm figuring about the early to mid 1860's, is when her 5th child was born. There children were all born there, or most of them were. There names were-Lizitt b: abt 1847 in Florida, Julia b: abt 1851 in Florida, Henrietta b: abt 1853 in Florida, Nancy b: abt 1855 in Florida, Lola b: abt 1860 Alabama, Edmon b: abt 1862 in Alabama, Johnson b: abt 1863/AL, Peter b: abt 1868/AL and Clinton b: abt 1870/AL. Adeline according to the Alabama deeds book for 1905/1908, had quit a bit of property(both real/personal), in FHL#1536081. She willed some 223 acres to her children and they to there children/grandchildren. Would like to connect with anyone else doing Skinner research as to gain information as to the families place of origin in Virginia and the parents/siblings of my 4th great grandmother-Adeline. Thanks so much for your time in advanced. Surnames- DeVaughn/Skinner/Goodwin/Coleman

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August 24, 2003
Searching for a Margaret Rose who had a child named Grace. Margaret did not raise Grace, she gave Grace to a Green and Nancy Baisden Hensley. I know my grandmother had other siblings. One brother wrote to her in the early 1925ish time-frame and she would not reply my grandmother. Grace said her father was a Ben Ridgeway.

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August 23, 2003
I am searching for a Call family that moved to Ohio and had a son named Mathew .I do not know their names or the county. I only know it was Virginia. I know this is a long shot ,but thought I would give it a try . Thank you so much

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August 16, 2003
Seeking information about my Great(4) Grandfather William Walker b: ABT 1741 in unknown Va. county, D: ABT 1834 in Warren county, TN, married to Sarah(?), b: ABT 1745 in unknown VA county, d: ABT 1840 in Grundy county TN. They had 5 children - John J., b: ABT 1767 in unknown VA county, d:?; James Walker, b: 18 Aug 1771 in unknown VA county, d: Feb 1860 in Grundy county, TN; Jeremiah, b: 1 Jul 1774 in unknown VA county, d: 1857 in Grundy county TN; Pasra, b: ABT 1786 in Warren County, TN, d: ?; and Lawson, b: ABT 1794 in Warren County, TN, d: ?. Seeking any information about William's & Sarah's parents, what VA county they were born in, etc. Thanks You.

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August 11, 2003
I am looking for anything on a Burwell Campbell b. 1800 Va. I have a N.C. marriage bond (Stokes co.) of 1828 between him and Fannie Flynn. I have him next in Franklin co. Tn marrying Martha Hill in 1838 with death there in 1875. Thanks

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August 8, 2003
Charles PARMER (PALMER) b ca 1783 VA. He is on the 1850 census in Holt Co, MO, and may be the same Charles on census records in 1830 Ray Co, MO and 1840 Clay Co, MO. Believe the Clayborn/Claiborne F. PARMER (PALMER) b ca 1807 MO, who appears on many of the same records, is his son.
These men both sell land in Carroll Co, MO in the 1830s as does a George PARMER. I believe George also is a son of Charles. George married Elizabeth Cooley 1837 in Carroll Co, MO, then seems to disappear.
Does this Charles born "somewhere" in VA fit into anyone's family tree?

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August 3, 2003
Researching my 3rd grgrandfather John M Foster who was born 1796 in Botetourt Co, VA. Botetourt County Court records show the appointment of guardians or apprentices of children; Nehemiah born 1793, John McCamy, and Rebecca born ca 1800, of Luke Foster who was deceased by April 1800. There is a marriage record of a Luke Foster and Sarah Jordan on 25 Dec 1792.

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Queries Posted July 2003

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July 30, 2003
My father was Leonard Baxter McCray; born in Walker's Creek, Rockbridge County, married Edith Erle Almond and they had 12 children. They moved to Augusta County and I'm not sure what year, but I was born in Augusta County. My mother was born in 1898 in Raphine, VA. We were members of Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church and I attended Wilson Memorial High School in Fishersville, VA. I don't believe the McCray's were spelled "McCrary" back then because I found a Census of 1870 when my grandfather was just a teenager. Thanks. Margaret McCray Robertson, Atlanta, GA

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July 27, 2003
I am looking for any information on Bannister Pool, (b) 12-19-1782/83, in VA, exact birthplace, unknown. I am particularly interested in his parents and siblings names. I have all kinds of information on him after he arrived in PA, and migrated into OH, but his early years in Virginia are unknown to us. If anyone has run across this name in their research or has any information on him, please contact me. Thanks.

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July 15, 2003
Seeking information about Sam/ Samuel ARNOLD and wife Lucy HAYNES, HAINES, from Virginia. They ended up in TN by early 1800's. They were probably born around 1760's. Sam fought in VA in the REV. WAR. Any one like to share and compare please contact us

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July 12, 2003
I am trying to find a Sarah Parker b.ca. 1832 VA; as listed on the 1880 census for Boone Co. AR. Married John W. Shorb; probably about 1858. The census for 1880 gives TN as his birth place and VA as her birth place with both sets of parents being born in VA. I believe I have found them in the 1860 census for Lookout Mountain, Dade Co. GA and again in 1870 for Dade Co. but in Morganville. Then in 1880 they appear in Lee Twnsp., Boone Co. GA. The name Shorb has been mis-spelled to read: Sharb, Sharp, Schorb, Scheurb.

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July 8, 2003
Hi, I am researching the Coverley, Coverly, surname, and I believe that the Coverley/Coverly's migrated from England thru Virginia and later to Bermuda, Bahamas. Do you have any information on Coverley's/Coverly's in Virginia in the 1600s. I realize that this is a broad request, but I will take anything on this surname. Thanks,

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July 8, 2003
I Have been looking for my great great-grandfather who I believe was born in Virginia, prior to the Civil War. His name was Felix (Phelix) BELL. He had daughter named Mary Jane BELL, who was born in the Ten Mile area of Pennsylvania. Felix supposedly was born in Virginia about 1805 and moved to PA before marrying my great great-grandmother Rachel GORDON. I can find her records in PA but not his. The records there say he was born in VA. I have checked WV records, and there is no record of him in what is now WV. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated as the family records end with him, and I can go back no further. I have tried the Mormon Church records and any other I can find. Thanking you in advance

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July 5, 2003
I am trying to locate any information on a Rufus Alls, birthdate unknown. He was the father of Arthur Harrison Alls, b 1895 and Leslie or Lessie Alls, born 1898 At this time he was married to Bessie Sue Thomason, born abt. 1878. I have been unable to find him in any available census record in Virginia. I have found out that he had a cousin named Ivan Alls and I have found his death in the SSDI. Rufus was suppose to have lived in Montgomery County but I can find no record. Ironto was suppose to have been where my grandfather [Arthur] came from, but although there are plenty of Alls families I cannot get a hit. Hope someone out there can help.

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July 1, 2003
I am looking for information about George W(ashington) Butt, born in the Portsmouth, Virginia, area in 1827. He was a great-great-great grandfather of mine. G.W. was reported upon at the time of his death to have spent time in Libby Prison for his anti-secessionist views. He later was reported to have been assigned to the Portsmouth Naval Yard, fron which he escaped. I am looking for corroborating documentation, and especially other extended family.

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June 30, 2003
Searching for information on an Ethelred Lane, born during the 1700's. Hope to find out if he had a son by the name Wiley Lane. Wiley settled in Burke County Ga., in the early 1800's.

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June 29, 2003
On my mother's side, I can trace her father back to a Virginia family. My 6th great-grandfather Robert Brooke (or Brooks) was born in Virginia abt. 1722. His son Benjamin (born abt. 1748 in VA) and Benjamin's wife Nancy (born abt. 1750 in VA) moved on the Pennsylvania before the birth of my 4th great-grandfather James (born abt. 1779). James married a woman named Sarah Elizabeth Strange (born abt. 1787). From records that my mom's cousin has, I know that Benjamin and Nancy moved their family west to Ohio before 1797. I realize the chances of finding out more with this vague information are slim to non-existent, but I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you can provide. Thank you.

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June 26, 2003
I am searching for information on the family of John Brown Covington. He was born in 1818 somewhere in Va. He was married to Mary J Parker. He moved to Mississippi sometime before 1847. any information would be appreciated.

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June 13, 2003
I have been trying desperately to find my oldest known ancestors parents, birthplace in Virginia etc, without luck. If anyone could help me find John Morgan, I'd appreciate it. John was born in VA in 1792, I've heard that it might be the one born on Sept 8th, but I'm not sure, although I'd like to know where that one was born.

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June 9, 2003
Seeking information on the parents of Nathan Center born in VA ca 1715. Any information on the Center families of VA including variant spellings (CENTER/ CENTERS/ CENTRE/ SENTER) of this surname would be most appreciated. Nathan was said to have come from VA to SC about 1755. Nathan married Martha Taylor in Richland Co. SC ca 1774.

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June 6, 2003
Trying to find parents of William M Lee, born December 11,1777 in VA. He married Frances ?, born February 1,1786. William died October 9, 1815 in Butler Co KY. I would like to know the county of his birth also. I have information on this family and would be glad to exchange

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June 5, 2003
I'm searching for the birthdate and location of Arthur Robinson, b. abt. 1828 in Virginia to Michael and Ellen (Unknown) Robinson. Siblings include: Samuel, b. abt. 1831 in Iowa; James, b. abt. 1832 in Iowa; Elizabeth Catherine, b. 21 Jan 1834 in Orange Co, IN; Nancy, b. abt. 1837 in Iowa; Rebecka, b. abt. 1839 in Iowa; Elby, b. abt. 1844 in Iowa.

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May 29, 2003
I am looking for a Margrot Fox and a Benagmin Frankalin Fox. When they died and why. Had some kids named Atha, John B, Clarence, Ali, etc

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May 25, 2003
I am searching for any information about Elias DEAL who died between 1 Jan. 1820 and 7 July 1820. His wife could be named Catherine. They lived in Culpeper Co. at the time. He may have had a son named Elias DEAL who married Francis BROYLES. At least this is what I am hoping! Thanks!

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May 25, 2003
Thomas Mansfield applied 21 Feb. 1827 age 76 in Marion Co., TN [born ca 1751]. Had 8 in family. Norman 17/18, Thomas 20, Robert 12, Nancy age 20 lived abroad, Betsy 8. Only he and "companion" aged 57 & child Betsy lived at home. Rejected March 29, 1827. He was 77 years old. He enlisted Hampton, VA about 1776, served to 1783 when discharged at Richmond, Henrico County, VA. Served at Yorktown and Portsmouth. Family in 1827 included a "daughter", Rebecca, mentally deficient, age 30+, "3 boys": Thomas (age 20), Norman (age 17 or 18), Robert (age 12); Nancy, age 20+, Betsey, age 8; and his "companion", age 57. With John M. Mansfield being married at that time.

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May 10, 2003
I am searching for the parent of Jacob Baker who was born abt. 1795. He served in the war of 1812. He married Elizabeth Finger in Rutherford Co. TN on March 12,1818. I appreciate any help. Thanks for your time and efforts.

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May 9, 2003
My ancestor-Abraham Fry originated in Va. before migrating to Licking Co, Ohio sometime between 1795-1800 I believe. He had a wife-Mary- and several children in Ohio but I don't know whether he was married in Va. or Ohio. He died in 1826 in Ohio. Two sons migrated to Ill. from Ohio around 1835 and I descend from Abraham Fry (1807-1883). The 1880 Census shows his father as being from Va. Would like to make contact with others researching same name.

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May 8, 2003
Looking for the parents of Ralph Crutchfield. He was born about 1730; married Alce Hughes About 1756 prob. in Goochland Co., Va.
Trying to find the mother of Alce Hughes; Born about 1730 in Virginia, Father's name was Anthony Hughes. He was born in Hanover Co.,Va. about 1700.

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May 7, 2003
Looking for the birth place of Nathaniel Davis, Sr.; date of birth 17 April 1778 in either Virginia, Kentucky or Scotland.
Looking for the surname of Mrs. James Davis who was born in Va. 1779/80. She went by the name Mary Ann.

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May 6, 2003
I am researching the ancestors of Jesse Watson, b. 2 May 1802, VA; d. 11 Aug 1875, TN. Jesse married Susannah McCune (b. 11 Apr 1806, VA; d. 4 Jun 1889, TN) on 8 Jan 1829 in Charlotte County, VA. They lived in Charlotte and Prince Edward counties before migrating to TN ca. 1844. I am trying to locate Jesse's father, who may have been named William Watson. There are several William Watsons in VA in the 1810 census; I would appreciate any information from wills, deeds, etc. that may list Jesse as a son to one of these William Watsons, or any other information you may have found about Jesse or his father while doing your research.

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May 6, 2003
Looking for the parents of Charles Davis, Born Va., 26 November 1795?
Need information on James Davis, born Va.,1695 to 1775.
Looking for any information on Joshua Chambers, born Va., about 1812.

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April 29, 2003
Trying to find our Great Grandfather's parents in VA. We know that Joshua C. Cabbiness/ Cabiness was married in Macon Co., AL on Oct. 15, 1842. On his gravestone, in Old Bethlehem Cemetery, Upshur Co., TX, it states he was born July 15, 1818. We have been told that he was born in VA - but don't know where, or what county. He married Sarah A.E. Mings/ Minge. On marriage record his name is spelled Cabiniss. Her name is spelled Minge. They are both buried in the same cemetery, Upshur co., TX We have been unable to locate his parents of siblings. There were several Cabbinesses who came to Texas aboiut the same time from Alabama, and they settled in Upshur County. But, if they are sisters, brothers, parents, or cousins, we don't know. Since we were told he was born in VA, we are seeking any information there. He was born in 1818.
Betty Cabbiness
131 Mackey Road
Longview, TX 75605

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April 28, 2003
I am looking for the parents of Charles Starnes listed in the 1790 census of Mecklenburg County, N. C. It became Cabarrus, County in 1792. I believe that he was a child of either Frederick, Joseph, Adam or Thomas Starnes that lived in Washington County, Va. Frederick and Joseph were killed by Indians on 4.7.1779 near Ft. Boonesborough, Va. now Ky. Frederick and Joseph both owned land in Mecklenburg, Co. N C. I know that Joseph moved back to Va. selling his land in N. C. His widow moved back to Mecklenburg, Co, N. C. after Joseph's death. I cannot find any listing of Joseph's children. His widow is listed at the Morningstar (former Crooked Creek) Lutheran Church. Charles had a daughter, Sarah, baptized at Organ Lutheran Church in Rowan Co., N. C. in about 1800. Charles died about 1803 or 1804. He had the following children Paul, Elizabeth, Martin, Sarah and John. I don't know if this is all. It is all that I have been able to find. Charles was a constable in Cabarrus County, N. C. I found where he purchased 75 acres of land that joined his own line. I cannot find where he got the first land unless it was from Joseph's widow. Is there anyone out there that can help me? I want to join DAR and this is my only missing link.

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April 14, 2003
Looking for any information on Lofton, Loftin, or Loughton. Leonard Loftin arrived in Virginia via ship from England 7-12-1636. Had sons, Leonard, William and Cornelius. Would like to find info on Cornelius who stayed in Virginia

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April 5, 2003
William Burke was born in approximately 1810 in Russel Co., VA. he may have been a son of James Burke and Anna Robinson. He married Dycie ? (b. abt. 1808) and they were the parents of several children. According to the 1850 census of Daviess Co., KY they had the following: Ursula (b. 1832 VA), Lucinda (b. 1835, VA), Thomas (b. 1836, VA), Sarah (b. 1840 OH), James (b. 1843, OH), William T. (b. 1845, OH) and Lorenzo D. (b. 1849, OH). William Burke may have had a brother-in-law, Lorenzo Dow Vencill, who was born in 1804 in VA and died in 1855 in Daviess Co., KY. William and Dycie Burke supposedly went on to Springfield, IL, where they were supposed to have died of cholera. Ursula Burke stayed in KY (Hancock Co., KY) and was married to Thomas White in 1852; Lucinda Burke was married to John Tyler in 1855 in Benton Co., IA; Thomas Uriah Burke lived in Aledo, IL, where he served in the Civil War, lived in Collin Co., TX and later died in Fannin Co., TX; Lorenzo Dow Burke appears to have been married in Hancock Co., IL in 1867. No further info on Lorenzo or Lucinda, or the other 3 children. William Burke appears to have had a brother Thomas Burke who lived in Henderson Co., IL in 1850 and Benton Co., IA in 1860. Also some connection to Walter and Rhoda Robbins family, with whom they may have moved. Wanted: proof of parents of William and Dycie, confirmation of Russel Co., VA as origin, confirmation of Springfield, IL as place of death, more information about these people! Thank you.

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March 31, 2003
I am searching for any info. on a William Otha Holdway (may be spelled differently). His wifes name was Sarah, he had two sons Hezikiah and William Judge. He is to have died in virginia possibly in Scott, Culpepper or the surrounding counties. Sarah moved to Cocke county, TN with the two boys shortly after William's death. I have info on Hezikiah and William Judge if anyone should need it. This was all to have taken place in the late 1700s or early to mid 1800s. I found them listed in the 1850 Cocke co. census and Sarah is about 75 years old.

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March 23, 2003
I am looking for any information on David Harris (middle name may have been Henry) b.cir 1796 in Virginia. He married Anna Hill on April 15, 1815 in Washington Co., OH. They had 5 children, 3 of which are 1.)Hiram P. Harris b.cir.1812 in VA,m. Olivia P. Rummerfield, 2)David Harris (Jr.) b.January 5,1818 in VA, m.Mary Anne Barrett, 3)Lydia Margaret Harris b.July 30, 1823 in OH 1st m. Aaron Rummerfield 2nd m.Ervin Bickford. Anna Hill is a widow on the 1830 Census of Troy, Athens Co., OH. David died before November 26, 1825 because his estate was being settled then, in Athens Co., OH. From records it looks like David was born in VA> m.in Washington Co., OH>at least 2 children born in VA>died in Athens Co., OH>after that Anna married Thomas Rairdon and the family went to Meigs Co.,OH. Most are listed in the 1850 Olive Twp., Meigs Co.,OH Census (on the same page).

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March 21, 2003
Looking for any Whitfield plantations in Virginia. I am looking for Mitchell Whitfield who was born 1851 in Alabama. His dad was a slave, name unknown but was born in VA

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March 19, 2003
Looking for information on John Anderson of Virginia. He had a daughter name Mattie Anderson who married David McConnell on March 21 1868. Marriage is registered in Urbana,Ohio. Mattie died June 14, 1928, Dayton, Ohio. Any information appreciated.

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March 17, 2003
I am looking for George Poplin's father. George was born about 1745, married Every and had 10 Children. We have a land deed document in 1761 for 550 acres purchased in Orange County, NC. The data I have so far is documented at www.lpoplin.com/Poplin. We also have the following but do not know if it is our George:
Albemarle Co Court Orders 1744/45-78;
Feb Term 1744/45 to June Term 1745;
Ct held 25 July 1745 (Vol 26#3);
p35 In case of John Rider agst John Hodnett for trover & convert of goods, deft found guilty to pay l5 lplus costs .. Costs are to the Clerk ...; to GEO POPLIN 50,
If you know of any Poplin census data in Virginia, I would greatly appreciate it.

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March 16, 2003
I am searching for information regarding the passengers on Mr. Thomas Batt's ship, which several settlers to the Virginia Colony in 1674. Among these was Ja (James?) Cragoe. Ja Cragoe is mentioned in Cavaliers and Pioneers ( 3rd Volume, I believe.) by Nugent. Other passengers are also listed as I remember. I am interested in contact with anyone researching Mr. Batt or the individual passengers aboard his ship. Steade Craigo, Sacramento, CA

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March 12, 2003
I am looking for Floyd Keith and Imalia (Melia) or (Mollie Ann) parents of Marion Keith b.1872 in Patrick County, Lean Ann Keith b. March 13, 1874 in Smythe Co. VA. William Henry Keith b. April 23,1876 in Smythe Co. VA possibly James Keith b. July 16, 1876. I am unable to find this family in an 1880 census. The birth dates of the children were taken from marriage records. Leah Ann Keith is my grandmother. I have her marriage certificate. The others marriage records were researched. The marriage records are Marion Keith m. Lily Mae Duncan, 1894, William Henry, m. Ruthia F. Ford, 1893 (living in Smythe Co.) Leah Ann m. Alfred W. Thomas April 19, 1897 in Tazewell Co.

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March 7, 2003
I believe I have traced my family back to Aaron Foster in the 1810 Brooke Co.,VA census. Any further info would be fantastic. I welcome any queries. VA>KY>IN>MO>KS>CO

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March 4, 2003
Would like to have any information available on Joseph Alfriend and his descendants, or on Collin Alfriend and his descendants.

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March 2, 2003
Looking for the parents of John Ware of Amherst, VA. He married Lucy Eubank in September 1796 at Amherst County. Their are the parents of Elias Newman Ware, born in 1802 in Virginia.

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February 24, 2003
Searching for information on 2 surnames in unknown Va counties:
Tappan, also spelled Tappen, Tappin, Tapping, etc. The name was listed in some early Michigan records under Lappin, Sappin, Fapping, and Topping. Some of the errors may be due to handwriting interpretation.
AND Crawford. This family name was listed as Cranford in the 1880 CD done by LDS.
The Tappans and Crawfords moved from NE sometime after 1885 and before 1890. My grandmother was born "somewhere near Richmond" but I do not know the county. She and her parents show up in Newport News by the 1900 census but she was not born in Warwick county. Her maternal grandparents, the Tappans are no longer with the family in 1900 and may not have made it all the way to Virginia. But, we believe that they may have died in VA. I am hoping someone else searching these names might be able to help me or I them. Thanks.

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February 21, 2003
I am looking for a James Quigley born in Va. about 1800 He married a Mary Eden/ Edens 4-July-1827 in Botetourt Co. Va. I am coming up with no information on his parents. Can you be of any help to me. James Quigley is my great great grandfather. Thank you very much Beth V

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February 12, 2003
Looking for any information I can get on my gg-grandparents, George B. Fletcher & Ann Catherine Groves Fletcher from Culpepper, Va in the middle to late 1800s. Both were born in Virginia(I believe). Looking for parents, siblings, birthplaces, etc.etc. on both of these individuals. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have info on either or both of them. Thanks, Trudi Fletcher Florian

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February 12, 2003
I am trying to learn more about my James Henry Smith Ancestry. He was married to Lettie Ann. Hope you can help me. Thank you .

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February 11, 2003
Looking for info abut Marion ROBERTS, who could have been in VA in the early 1800's. thanks,

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February 9, 2003
I am seeking information regarding a Collin (Colin?) Campbell born 1760 in SC, NC, or VA according to later Censuses and Federal Mortality Tables. He died in Sumner Co., TN in 1850 and is buried there beside a "consort" named Nancy (maiden name unknown). His earliest known presence in Sumner Co., TN is 1806. This county is within the NC Military Reservation and he settled north of the Cumberland River. His known children Margaret, Colin, David, James, Jehosaphat, Mary, and Nancy were born in the late 1790's and the first decade of the 1800's possibly to two different mothers. Collin's family had ties to Neal McLean (McLain, McLane, MacLean, etc) who lived in Christian Co., KY who had married a daughter of a Daniel Campbell in NC who had given Neal McLean and wife Mary Campbell McLean the property in KY. Collin's daughter Nancy married Neal's son John. Collin's son Jehosaphat married Neal's daughter, Margaret. Any help connecting Collin and Daniel Campbell east of the Appalachians and tracking the ancestors of Collin Campbell would be greatly appreciated.

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February 8, 2003
I am looking for the county in Virginia that Gideon Moon came from to Halifax county's Northern District in 1790. He died there between 1796 and 1799. His wife was Mary and John was one of their children. Will be glad to exchange any information.

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February 5, 2003
We have an ancestor who arrived in Philadelphia in 1750 on the Ship Patience. He was supposed to have lived in VA for a while before moving to Bedford Co., PA where his son was born. His name is John Peter Wineland born in Germany in 1731 and dying in 1794 in Westmoreland Co., PA. He had a couple of children with him. Some may have come over as indentured servants. If you should happen to know anything about these folks and where they might have been in VA, please let us know. His last name may have been spelled Wineland, Wieland, Wyland, Wiland, etc. Thanks for your help.

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February 4, 2003
John Morris was born Jan 7, 1797, in Loudoun County. He died in 1886. He moved to Ohio and on Nov 22, 1827, married Delilah Biggins in Belmont, Ohio. Looking for links to John Morris. Thanks

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January 31, 2003
Looking for any information on Joseph W. Light. Born in Virginia August 25, 1803 (parents unknown). Moved to Ohio as a child. Married Martha Dunn in 1829. Moved to Indiana. Died 1880. Would like to know parents, birth location

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January 26, 2003
Looking for Coonrod HARTWICK, or any Hartwick, born in Virginia. Coonrod Hartwick supposedly born in Virginia about 1760/1765. Any information would be helpful.

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January 21, 2003
I am searching for parents/seblings, ancestors/descendants on my g/gf, thanks for any help...
Booker PEOPLES (b.1822-VA;d.1879/1880-Camilla,GA)
   SP: Mrs. Delphia PEOPLES (b.1838-Virginia; d.1872-Camilla,GA)
Nancy PEOPLES (b. 1849-VA)
    SP: Daniel EDWARDS (b.1849-Camilla,GA; m.19 DEC 1872)
George PEOPLES (b. 1851-VA)
    SP: Jane JONES (b.1858-Camilla,GA; m.8 Jul 1874)
Sandy PEOPLES (b. Apr 1852-VA)
    SP: Mariah LEWIS (b. Mar 1850-Camilla,GA; m.16 Feb 1880)
Fredrick PEOPLES (b. 1855-VA)
Warren PEOPLES (b. 1856-VA)
    SP: Isabella HALL (b.1862-AL; m.10 Jul 1882)
    SP: Sallis WASHINGTON (m. 1 Jul 1889)
John H. PEOPLES (b. 1861-VA)
Calvin PEOPLES (b. 1866-VA)
    SP: Mrs. Mattie PEOPLES (b.1869-Camilla,GA; m.1892)
Orange PEOPLES (b. Feb 1870-Camilla, GA)
Dora PEOPLES (b. 27 Nov 1872-Pelham, GA; d.5 Nov 1939-Detroit, MI)
    SP: Aaron Madison BROWN Rev. (b. Apr 1866-Clarksville, GA; m.1887; d.Dec 1909-Florala, AL)

Aaron Madison BROWN & Dora PEOPLES were my grand parents

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January 20, 2003
Looking for connections to Captain Thomas West's company of Colonel Rawling's Virginia regiment in the Revolutionary War. Would like to know in which counties this regiment might have recruited men. An ancestor joined this regiment but I have no idea in which county he lived. Since his travels to the first battle began in Leesburg, I'm assuming he lived near or in Loudon county.

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January 19, 2003
I am searching for Smith MOSBY b. 1845 in Virginia. I am not sure what county. I have CW documents on a Smith MOSBY, however, I don't think they are the same person. This Smith MOSBY is a black man. He came to Philadelphia, Pa. in 1890 and had a family there.

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January 17, 2003
I am searching for my ancestor, Samuel Mullen, b. abt. 1815 in the Hagerstown, MD area (northern VA) and died in IL. The only thing known about his parents is that his father was born in VA. I know nothing about his siblings. Can anyone help?

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January 9, 2003
I am looking for a young boy named Ambrose Honey who came to the United States from England as a cabinboy just prior to the Civil War. He likely was involved in a mutiny at sea in which the ship captain may have been killed. The ship may have landed in Virginia. He then changed his name to John Tucker and fought in the War enlisting in the New Hampshire vols. any help or direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks Jan

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January 6, 2003
Looking for birth location, parents, etc of Thompson SHUPE born in Virginia 12 July 1821 died in Putnam County Georgia 3 Jan. 1873 Thanks,

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