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December 25, 2012
So little is known about my Daniel Rice and his wife Judith / Judy. Her maiden name may have been Burress.
Daniel shows up on records in Henry Co, VA as early as 1778 tax records, buys land in 1782, sells same land with wife "Judy" in 1785. Where was he prior to that first tax record?
Entry date of 1786 for his NC land grant recorded in Greene Co, TN, today it is Cocke Co, TN.
Daniel and wife "Judith" joined the Big Pigeon Baptist Church in 1789. He takes his letter from the church in 1812 and seems to disappear. Cocke Co, TN is a burned county, so I don't know if his wife was still alive at that time to relinquish her dower right on sale of his land.
Their son Joseph, born ca 1800 TN, shows up in Rhea Co, TN records, but no Daniel. Is John Rice in Rhea Co, TN related to my Rice line? Maybe a brother to Daniel???? There is interaction between my Joseph with John and his two sons Elijah and George.
DNA proves our Daniel, group 11, is not the son of Henry Rice, commonly called Henry Rice the grist miller. We are not related to Deacon Edmund Rice in New England, either.
I will be going to SLC in a few weeks, would love some new clues to work on while in the FHL. Gladly share what I have, or find.
Some of the more common spellings found for Burress are: Burres, Burriss, Buriss, Bures, Buris and even Borroughs.

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October 18, 2012
Seaching for Elijah Humphrey born in Virginia 2-13-1818 Thank You

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October 16, 2012
For the last few years I have been doing my genealogy. But I keep running into a road block concerning one Sarah Dare who married Reuben Siers. She was born in 1820 somewhere in Virginia. I am hoping that maybe you can help me with finding out anything about her. From who her parents were and what nationality she was. There is nothing about her except her birth and death and marriage. Thank you in advance

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September 1, 2012
I am looking for the parents of Isaac Standridge, born about 1800-1803 in South Carolina. He states in the 1880 census for SC that both of his parents were born in Virginia, but I do not know what county. Can anyone suggest how I might go about finding any Standridges in Virginia from 1770-1800? Any help would be appreciated.

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August 15, 2012
I have been hoping to find someone or some way to trace my Kentucky family back into Virginia. I have looked at the surname page and written notes to three (one didn't seem to be active anymore). My grandfather's notes say they went through the Cumberland Gap in 1812 and I have discovered that many records were burned in the War of 1812.
Patterson, Thomas Jefferson b 1821 in VA; father William b c, 1798 VA; Hurt, Temperance b c 1799 VA
Rivers, John b 1757 VA; Hunt, Rebecca b c 1780 Halifax, VA
Feather, John b 1808 Richmond; Harp, Mary b 1813
Tandy, Smyth b 1750 VA;Williams, Susannah, b 1790 VA.

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August 11, 2012
I am looking for and asking to register the surname McCart, especially James and son Henry Oliver McCart. Henry was born 1758 in Jamestown Virginia to James and Mary McCart. Other children are John, James Jr., William, Benjamin, Thomas, Rachael, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Robert, Edward, Sarah and Daniel. They resided there from 1756 untill about 1768 when they moved further into the interior. Can you help point me in the right direction geneology way? Thank you.

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July 24, 2012
I am looking for the ancestry of Rachel who married Henry Crafton abt 1781 in Botetourt VA. It is said she is of Shawnee Indian Heritage and I would love to find out more about her. She died in Indiana and is buried in Native Shawnee Indian Burial: Nauvoo Cemetery Milford (Decatur County) Decatur County Indiana, USA. She died 28 Mar 1846.

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July 14, 2012
I'm looking for the father of John Peters born Virginia 1780 moved to Hardin Co, KY lived and then died in Hardin (unknown date). Any Peters family information is appreciated - Thanks.

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June 4, 2012
I am looking for the parents of George Washington Parsons born March 27, 1787 in Virginia. His brothers and sisters were: Abia, Permelia, James W, Acelia, Thomas S, John S, Hannah, Martha Patsy, Mary Nancy, Joseph, William.

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May 25, 2012
I am trying to get some info on a Levi Dalton also went by Lee Dalton. He lived in Wise Co. but I understand where he was buried is in Lee Co. I'm told it was a placed called Keokee burial site. I'm told there were may not have been any other graves and could have been just some acreage that a friend or relative of Levi owned. That is about the only info I have. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack but I like a challenge. He was born about 1902 in TN and married a Bessie Collins, had three children Virginia (DOB 1919), James (DOB 1921) and Frances (DOB 1922). Apparently he died around 1935 but there is no one around that can confirm that and I can find nothing on his death. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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May 5, 2012
I am looking for surname Rodgers or Rogers (both spellings have been applied to my ancestor). His full given name James Martin Rodgers (Rogers) born 1834 in Virginia (unknown county or city). He married Sarah C. White in Highland Ohio 10 Sep 1868 and shows up in the 1870 census of Fairfield, Highland Ohio and the the 1880 Census in Mayfield Grand Traverse Michigan were he stays untill his death in 1910. I know very little about him. He shows in all records as black or mullatto. In the 1910 census I found my great grandfather living with him as a young boy listed grandson and white. A recent discovery that my family who till this time has been white or native American, discovering black or African American roots is amazing. I have since been able to confirm with my grandfathers last living sibling that yes this was a dark secret "never mentioned". My assumptions are little is known of these ancestors because the obvious it was not a very friendly time for Black persons but possibly I wonder did he escape or was he freed. Any possible leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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April 29, 2012
I have a James W Trent who was married to a Ellender A. They were on the 1850 Census for Franklin Co. James's Father was Archibald Trent and Pamelia Dallas. They were also in Franklin Co. And anything on Archibald's children: Jesse, Greenbury, Adeline, Clementine, Henry, Robert Caroline and Poindexter. I also have a William and Christina Bowles who was a son of Archibald.

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April 18, 2012
Looking for information on William Anderson, born about 1790. Spouse was Susan Donokes, born around 1791. First documentation I have on him is when he had moved to Kanawha County (Now WV) and is listed in census records in 1850 and 1860. Children's names are Garland, Franklin, Lewis, Harriet, Elijah and Martha. Verbal family history states he moved to Kanawha County from Franklin County. May have also lived in Halifax VA. Looking for any information available, including birth, marriage, etc.

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March 20, 2012
Hello, I'm looking for a distant relative. Her name is Elizabeth Angeline Haynie born September 8, 1823 in Virginia. I specifically need the name of her mother and if at all possible her grandmother(her mother's mother) as they are my mtDNA link. I would like to know the country of origin of her grandmother and/or great-grandmother. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Suzan Klausmeyer, Piedmont, Ks.

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March 15, 2012
I am looking for the WINGROVE family. Thank you for any records, assistance.

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March 7, 2012
I am looking for Larken/Larkin Born in Va. abt. 1785 I do not know the county but think it is Pittsylvania. I don't even know why I think this is his birthplace. I think he had a brother or uncle named Rice B. Green b.abt. 1792 VA. Was in the war of 1812. They both moved to Ga. and lived in nearby counties at the same time. His children's names are Rice B. Green, Forast Green and Ezekial Green as far as I can tell. His wife's name was Betsy Bennett b. 1795 in SC. He was married in 1811 in Ga. So you see he left VA. at an early age. There was a Forrest Green in the same county, Jackson, in Ga at the same time. He may have also been kin.

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February 25, 2012
Searching for Malinda Belle BARNETT born 4 March 1817 in Virginia, county unknown.

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January 29, 2012
I am searching for ancestors and descendants of Thomas Prosise, abt. 1710-1774.

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January 13, 2012
Trying to confirm parents of Joseph Peyton, born abt.1780, maybe Stafford County, VA. Married Jemima Nelson 1/16/1805

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January 8, 2012
Eli LANGFORD first appears 1765 in a land deed issued in Halifax County VA. The land was located in what now appears to be Henry County VA. He married Sarah unknown, assumed in Virginia pre 1774. We have no DNA matches except known sons descendants. Their first son Matthew was born Sept 1779 in Virginia, by 1779 the family was living in Lincoln Co NC

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