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November 7, 2015
Would appreciate any information attached to PERSLEY MOORE, born in 1751 (Westmoreland County), Married Anne Hamilton (1810), child Osborne Hamilton Moore (1839). Persley (Presley??) Moore and Ann Hamilton resided on property originally given to them by Osborne Hamilton (Ann's father) at Big Back Creek Near Mountain View and Sun Rise on Big Back Creek.
Unable to locate Persley's parent information from Westmoreland county?
No grave site for either Persley or Anne .please help.

There seems to be plenty of Moore lineage in Westmoreland County but unable to find any lineage for Persley (Presley). Any help would be appreciated .thanks

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October 4, 2015
Searching for two persons, Randolph Bernard Tacy, and, Paulina Jane Glass. RBT was born in France (perhaps Louisiana, then a part of France) in 1787, died 9 June 1865 in Pocahontas County, WV. He married Paulina 31 Aug 1826 in Fluvanna County, VA, b. 1806 in VA, d. about 1859 in WV. Little is known of the parents of either of these relatives, etc. Did discover a Thomas Glass and a William Glass in the Fluvanna County Tax Lists of 1787. Can you help with this long-standing, seemingly unsolveable puzzle?
Regards, V Tacy, Beverly, WV

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September 24, 2015
I am looking for the parents for both people.
Mary Popper, b. 8 February 1809 Virginia--I don't know where, d. 13 April 1855 Platte County, Missouri
She was married to:
John Isiah Reynolds b. June 1804 Virginia, d. 7 August 1860 Platte, Missouri
Married in Virginia around 1832 (based on first child)
Popper may have been Pouppirt, originally

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August 23, 2015
The 1850 Census says that William Maurice Marcee was 51 years old at the time of the Census and was born in Virginia. That suggests that he was born in 1799. I am trying to determine if there are any Virginia records that confirm this and, perhaps, give me the name of his father and mother. Thank you for any suggestions or other help.

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June 29, 2015
I am searching for information about the John Vanoldsdo Jacobs family. The only record I have found for him is an 1850 census record for Arkansas County, Arkansas which lists him as being a blacksmith and living with his sister, Margaret Jacobs, born around 1840 in Virginia, and their mother, Jane P. Jacobs, born around 1802 in Virginia. It says John V. Jacobs was born around 1829 in Virginia. John Vanoldsdo Jacobs married Emily Charlotte Gifford, born around 1839 in Rhode Island. They had two children together, Sarah Jacobs born around 1855, and John Vanoldsdo Jacobs, born May 30, 1859 at Arkansas Post, Arkansas County, Arkansas. The elder John V. Jacobs died in Feb 1859 shortly before his son was born. I have hit a brick wall trying to find info about the John Vanoldsdo Jacobs family in Virginia. I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can provide. Thanks.

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June 2, 2015
Looking for the father of Philip Harrell b.1787 Bardstown Ky. A possible parent could be James Harrell and Elizabeth Crume. Any suggestions to research ?

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May 19, 2015
I am searching for any information about my 4 great grandmother, Elizabeth Dubois. On all of the census forms she states that she was born in VA, no specific location. She was born in 1794. The first facts I have found about her was from the LDS which states that she was married to Paul Shapter on June 2, 1812 in the Allen Street Methodist Episcopal Church. She lived in NYC from that time forward and is buried in the Cypress Hills Cemetery in NYC.
Her husband Paul Shapter was listed as a Rope Maker and he was born in England.
The reason I am searching for her is that I am intrigued by a fact I learned from doing my DNA on FTDNA and 23andme, while looking for my biological father -( my mother and dad used artificial insemination in 1942 because my dad was unable to father children). I did learn that my maternal haplogroup (going from mother to daughter) is L1c3a - pretty specific to Sub-Saharan Africa specifically 2 villages, the Biaka and Bialoba now in the Congo. 99% of the people there carry this haplogroup. Which means that my mother's ancestry is of African descent and this means to me that Elizabeth Dubois was the descendent of an African Slave. A side point is that I found my father - my mom's OB/GYN - common practice back then.
In NYC, Elizabeth, lived as an upper middle class white woman and no relatives can be found, no father, mother, siblings, aunts or uncles. The history seems to be erased. 2 of her daughters married brothers with the last name Bartholomew - one was a maritime engineer, her other daughter married Nathaniel Law the son of Rev. Joseph Law, a very prominent Methodist minister in New York and Long Island, who started many churches in the 5 boroughs of NYC. Nathaniel and Amelia Shapter Law, were my third great grandparents.
I do know that Cornelius Dubois had a daughter named Elizabeth, he was quite wealthy and well known, he owned slaves and had property and holdings in the tobacco business in VA. His family was in Oswego, and New Platz, NY and his daughter, Elizabeth was born there. She married and has family records of her life. Cornelius was in NYC about the time of my Elizabeth's wedding to Paul. There is a young woman of the correct age listed in the 1810 census in her household, but of course no name is given and it could be his daughter, Elizabeth born in NY state. But, it perhaps, could be my Elizabeth who he brought up from VA to place her in a position where she would pass as white and be away from the life she would have lived in VA as the descendent or daughter of a slave. This is just my conjecture. I would think that at the age of 15 or 16 it would have been difficult for her to travel from VA to NYC by herself. Someone probably helped her.
I will be 72 years old next month and I would love to know about Elizabeth, my ancestor. She must have been pretty amazing if she was the daughter or granddaughter of a slave and she made it to NYC where she lived the rest of her life. I do not know where to go from what I have, so if you have any ideas please let me know and I will look. I live near Seattle, WA and raise goats and chickens, so don't get East very often. But if I can do it my the web, I will.
Thanks so much for reading this epistle.

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April 12, 2015
Looking for Freeman N Jarrett born 1798 . 1850 Lawrence county AL. census states he was from VA. He married Sarah sally Wesson in 1820 in Madison Alabama the first son beinging named James F. he remarried Elizabeth Rodgers in 1851 Lawrence county Alabama.

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March 24, 2015
I am seeking information on Thomas Sewell b. abt 1785 from VA, wife Elizabeth Croush and with children Virginia, b. 1813 Cyrus, Melvina, Minerva, Clifton, Jonathan, Thomas and Columbus all born in VA, possibly Albemarle Co., VA.  Then located to Perry Twn, Logan Co., OH abt 1832.

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March 16, 2015
Looking for information on :
James Moore Vinson (wife Rhoda Sperry) (1785-1828). I would love to know more about this Vinson family line.
John Marshal Adams who was married to Margaret Jane Clay (1st wife) 1842-1932
I know that both of these families ended up in WV, mainly Wayne and Cabell Counties. I'd like to know more of the family prior to being in WV (most likely they came in through VA or NC) Can someone help me as far back as possible?
I'll have some more question as I keep working......this info is for the moment of where I'm at.
Sheena Lincolnogger

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February 19, 2015
I am searching for Frank Justus born 10/15/1869 in Buchanan Co. Va. He was married to Martha Jane Blankenship on 2/7/1895. I am his granddaugther and I can not find anything on him. My father (Frank's son) said his father was half Cherokee. I have not been able to find anything there either. Also, it was said he had another family in Virginia before moving to WVA and marring Martha. Any help would be so appreciated.

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February 8, 2015
I am looking for information on Nanticoke Plantation, Isle of Wight, VA. And the Carter family members who came from there in my line are Thomas Carter 1648-1710 who married Magdalen Moore (daughter of George Moore). My descendants from those two were from: their son Edward, and Edward's son John Carter 1700-1740 who was a marshal or sheriff of Craven County, NC, and died in the line of duty in abt. 1740. He was supposedly married to an Indian woman (Ann ?), and then after he died the children -- Edward, Solomon and Thomasine - went to Duplin County (to the area now known as Albertson) to live with their grandfather, Edward.
In Dec. 2008, I discovered a house built by either Solomon or Alexander in either 1768 or 1800 while I was researching Solomon. It was for sale by an historic preservation organization to which it had been donated and I bought it in March of 2009 to save and restore it. I began a 501-C3, non-profit called The Cool Water Historic Foundation, Inc. to aid in the fundraising for that restoration and I am still doing research on the family itself because my grandmother always said we were related to the Carters of Virginia. Turns out she was right, but I don't know anything about Nanticoke Plantation and the father of Tomas Carter who was born there circa 1648 and died in 1710. His wife Magdalen's father George was a military officer.
If you can direct me to anything about the Nanticoke Plantation where it was located and anything about Col. George Moore I would be very grateful.

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January 31, 2015
Looking for COOPER, James Terrell and Sovicia Weaver. Looking for a marrage record. All I can find is 1874 va. If you would check and see if there is a record. They had a son born in VA at about 1875 name of Terrell Cooper. I have no other info than VA. James and Sovicia are my great grandparents.

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