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This is the starting page for Virginia "Unknown County" Queries

Virginia Queries are filed by the month in which they were submitted. Each surname is also indexed. You may browse each file in turn (they're linked, so there's no need to return here each time), or start with the index and find the specific surname you're interested in. Each occurrence of a surname is linked to a previously submitted query, if it occurs in one.

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Send all queries to me <fspradlinearthlink.net> via email, and be SURE and say that you're posting to the "unknown county" QueryPage. I get easily confused <grin>
Please use a narrative format ... no machine generated formats which require specific line spacing

NOTICE: These pages are not to be used to find the present location of living persons.



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Selecting a Surname from the index, will take you to the latest occurrence of that Surname. If there was a previous occurrence, there will be a link in that query to it.

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