Wise, Pound Girls Lead Centennial Queen Contest

    Some girl from Wise county will win a free trip to Virginia Beach, this Summer, and the way things are going now, it looks like she may be either from Wise or Pound!
    Ruth Mullins, of Wise, is leading the race, so far, in the Centennial Queen contest, with 85,000 votes, according to statistics released by Centennial headquarters, Tuesday afternoon, but close behind her, with 81,000 votes, is Delores Baker, of Pound.

    Following the two leaders are: Doris Corder, Coeburn, 57,000; Lona Wharton, Wise, 52,000; Barbara Collinsworth, Appalachia, 49,000; Sonja Crowell, Wise, 49,000; Judy Bond, Appalachia, 33,000; Mary Greear, Coeburn, 17,000; Patricia Counts, Coeburn, 7,000; Sue Liddie, Big Stone, 5,000; Nancy Mullins, Big Ston, 3,000; Fonda Potter, Big Stone, 2,000; and Ceceilia Collins, Appalachia, 1,000.   

 No returns have been received from Norton or St. Paul. The returns are supposed to be phoned in to Centennial headquarters, each Tuesday afternoon, before 3 o’clock, by calling 2121, Wise, collect. The chairman in each town is supposed to call, not the individual contestants.
    Each contestant has received books of tickets, to the Centennial pageant, “Heart of the Highlands,” to sell, with 11 tickets in each book. The sale of each ticket nets the girl 1,000 votes, plus a bonus of 5,000 votes when a whole book is sold. The girl, or her sponsoring organization, may keep $1.00 from each book sold.
    Among the prizes are: a free trip to Virginia Beach, for a party of two, including free transportation, two meals a day, and lodging at the Martha Washington Hotel; a $100 Savings Bond and luggage, clothing, furniture and a loving cup.
    Success of the pageant depends a great deal on advanced sales of these tickets, Harry Dorrington, pageant director said.

Ruth Mullins Wins Centennial Queen Contest

    For the first time in history, Wise County has a queen – Her Majesty, Queen Ruth Mullins, of Wise. She was crowned Centennial Queen by State Senator M. M. Long, at Coronation ceremonies held on the Coeburn High School football field, last Friday night.

    Unlike most queens, who attain their crowns, via hereditary channels, Queen Ruth fought for and won her crown, amassing 759,000 votes, by selling advanced tickets to the Centennial pageant, “Heart of the Highlands.”
    “I crown thee Queen Ruth,” Sen. Long said, “and placing this crown of diamonds and valuable jewels on our head. I command all of your subjects, the citizens of Wise County, to pay homage to you.”
    Princesses in Queen Ruth’s court, in order of their final standings in the contest, are: Lona Wharton, of Wise, 598,000 votes; Delores Baker, of Pound, 560,000 votes; Judy Bond, of Appalachia, 544,000 votes; Sonja Crowell, of Wise, 366,000 votes; Doris Corder, of Coeburn, 322,000 votes; Betty Jo Cox, of Norton, 246,000 votes; Amelia Deen, of St. Paul, 208,000 votes; and Patricia Counts, of Coeburn, 170,000 votes.
    Other contestant’s standing were: Betty Dellinger, of Norton, 163,000 votes; Sue Liddie, Big Stone Gap, 161,000 votes; Mary Greear, Coeburn, 135,000; Catherine Mathews, of St. Paul, 116,000; Brenda Youell of Big Stone Gap, 40,000; Carol Neely, Big Stone Gap, 34,000; Linda Fuller, St. Paul, 16,000; Nancy Mullins, Big Stone Gap, 11,000; Kathy Renshaw, Big Stone Gap, 4,000; and Barbara Franks, Norton, 3,000.
    The total number of votes earned by the girls was 4,445,000. A total of $2,815.00 was sold in advanced sales of ticket-coupons, with a few books yet to be reported.
    The crowning ceremonies were opened with an invocation by the Rev. Joe Martin. Coeburn VFW Post No. 8652, presented the colors.
    The Coeburn high school dance band provided the coronation music, and Roger Michael and a trio, composed of Connie Quesenberry, Sharon Greer and Ruth McConnell, gave the vocal numbers.
    After a short speech, Luther F. Addington, Centennial director, introduced Harry Dorington, pageant director, who announced the winners of the contest.
    A Centennial block square dance followed the ceremonies.

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