Thousands Flock to Pound For Centennial Celebration
From the Coalfield Progress, July 5, 1956.

    Pound was the largest town in Wise County, last Saturday, population – Wise, as between four and five thousand people, “stretched” the city limits to the breaking point, for the second major County Centennial celebration, in a long line to come.
    An official town checker tallied 692 out-of-state cars, from 20 different states, which include: Indiana, 18; Kentucky, 160; Ohio, 170; Tennessee, 72; Wisconsin, 63; West Virginia, 43; New Jersey, 12; North Carolina, 45; South Carolina, 13; Florida, 18; Oregon, 12; Pennyslvania, 10; Michigan, 53; Maryland, 6; Alabama, 3; Arizona, 1; New York, 2; Texas, 12; Georgia, 3; and Illinois, 6.

    Mother Nature even rolled up her sleeves and gave a helping hand to the many hard workers who made the celebration the success it was. Although most towns in the county reported rain sometime during the day, Pound remained clear and warm during the whole time.
    A shooting match started the festivities Saturday morning, and sharpshooters with a keen sense of “Kentucky windage” kept the competition hot.
    Later in the morning, a Centennial parade, attracted probably the largest crowd of any single event of the day. Music was provided by the Pound high school band. Floats depicting a moonshine still in operation, an old-timey family scene, a horse-drawn hearse, an old-time touring car, packed with bearded beauties, and a modern convertible with bathing beauties, brought the crowd’s applause.


After dinner, the crowd moved to the Pound high school football field, where contests of every description were held.
    Mrs. Sarah Powers won first prize as the most authentic dressed woman, and Mrs. Betty Belcher, was second. Bill O’Dell was voted the most authentic dressed man and Blaine Sturgill was runner-up.
    As the evening cooled off, many spectators, who had slipped off during the afternoon to seek refuge from the heat, came back to attend the old-time gospel singing and preaching, held on a platform next to the bank building.
    Rev. Jack Lloyd led the congregational singing and Rev. C. W. Hawks, Rev. Harold Buck and Rev. Mack Fisher, each gave a short sermon. Benediction was given by the Rev. Curtis Branham.


Approximately 1500 people attended the “open air” round-square dance Saturday night, in front of the Town Hall Esso station.
    With music by the Stanley Brothers, the event topped off a well-spent day, with many too “spent” to do anything more than sit and enjoy the music, and tap a tired foot to the tune of an old-time country song.

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