1860 Wise County Census

Note: Page 1 has nothing on it so this is started on pg 2

Page 1
Hale, Bush, Fraley, Dickenson, Wright, Guy, Stout
Page 2
Trent, Grey, Williams. Bays, Robinette, Bickley, Castay, Dye, Collins
Page 3
Barton, Osborn, Burton, Collins, Porter, Wright, Talbot
Page 4
Carrico, Edwards, McLaughlin, Skeen
Page 5
Bird, Bonds, Hillman, Davis, Greer, Stallard
Page 6.
Edington, Stallard, Robinette, Sloas, McLaughlin, Greer, Hill, Ramey, Hale 
Page 7
Robinette, Tipton, Richardson, Hillman, Powers, Dollarhide
Page 8
Jessee, Logan, Buchanan, Hill, Kennedy, Hyatt, Simonas
Page 9
Williamson, Hiato,  Skeens, McCoy, Rose,  Effinghan, Porter
Page 10
McCoy, Mitchell, Holbrook, Guyas, Wells, Mitchell, Gibson, Robinette
Page 11
Robinette, Wells, Buchanan, Mitchell, Cantrail, Dennyberry, Elkins, Mckinney
Page 12
Smith, Blair, Holbrook, Hale, Green
Page 13
Green, Cantrail, Taylor, Wright, Yates, Rose
Page 14
Rose,  Taylor, Green, Wright, Adkins, Blair, Hutchins
Page 15
Hutchins, Kilgore, Mullins, Neil, Dunbar, Vanover
Page 16
Mullins, Neel, Chase, Kennedy, Burton, Mullins,  Swindle
Page 17
Swindle, Mullins, Neel, Kissie, Roberson, Gentry, Fields, Henderson
Page 18
Henderson, Fleming, Kilgore, Long
Page 19
Long, Fleming, Kilgore, Bartley, Hutton, Mullins, Branham, Miller, Farmer
Page 20
Farmer, Mullins, Wallis, Ramey, Artrip, Farmer
Page 21
Artrip, Mullins, Fields, Bollling, Moore, Parsons, Stone, Killen
Page 22
Killen, Cook, Ramey, Sloas, Stamper, Fields, Reed
Page 23
Hopson, Reed, Fields, Moore, Alley, Stanly Senter, Kennedy
Page 24
Kennedy, Taylor, Long, Sanders, Rose, Vanover, Haynes, Reeves, White
Page 25
White, Vanover, Carrico, Branham, Miller, Long
Page 26
Vanover, Fulton, Cantrail, Howell
Page 27
French, Howell, Mullins, Vanover, Poe
Page 28
Mullins, Ward, Killen, Phipps
Page 29
Mullins, Fulton, Reedy, Vanover
Page 30
Vanover, Yates, Stanly, Horn,Buchanan
Page 31
Buchanan, Stanly, Perry, Wallis, Bowman, Vance, Tipton
Page 32
Tipton, Adkins, Scarberry, Rose, Bowman, Alfred
Page 32A 
Swinfield, Bise, Buchanan, Hill, Lyons, Powers, Large
Page 33
Rose, Bise, Bowman, Buchanan, Hill, Powers, Large, Vance Brumitt, Beverly
Page 34
Beverly, Robinette, Smith Buck, Purkey, Perkey, Bolling
Page 35
Beverly, Kennedy, Branham, Bolling, Church, Roberts
Page 36
Bolling,, Hays, Brooks, Stallard, Gilliam
Page 37
Stallard, Carter, Wells, Collins, Beverly, Bond, Roberson, Baker
Page 38
Baker, Dotson, Perkey, Elkins, Roberts, Branham, Gardner
Page 39
Gardner, Dunn, Maxwell, Robinette, Salyer, Dean, Lathlow
Page 40
Dean, Gilliam, Huff, ??, Dale, Beverly
Page 41
Beverly, Fraley, Salyer, Gilliam, Chase, Miles, Kilgore, Jones, Davis
Page 42
Davis, Holbrook, Dale, Riggs, Dotson, Kilgore, Bond
Page 43
Riggle, Daughtery, Venters, Hunsucker, Wills, Williams
Page 44
Williams, Blevins, Holbrooks, Skeens, Powers, Blan
Page 45
Powers, Lambert, Hillman, Tipton, Powers, Ritchie, Dotson, Freeman
Page 46
Freeman, Ritchie, Adkins, Hill, Davis, Kilgore, Russell, Vance
Page 47
Roberson, Hill,  Rose, Roten
Page 48
Rose, Scarberry, Powers, Hibbits, Stanley, Crabtree
Page 49
Stanley, McFales, Short, Cantrail, Mullins
Page 50
Mullins, Baker, ?? , Boggs
Page 51
Mullins, Baker, Keel, Dotson, Beverly, Hamilton
Page 52
Dotson, Justice, Bentley, Mullins, Rife, Mainard
Page 53
Adams, White, Landreth, Cantrail, Poe, Stamper, Robinson, Dotson, Alley
Page 54
Miller, Gordon, Sowaard, Dean, Mentin, Short, Mullins, Stanifer, Boggs, Banner
Page 55
Banner, Boggs, Gibson, Creech, Phillips, Hay, Wilson, Short
Page 56
Hayes, Hall, Short, Anderson, Hayes, Mullins, Sturgill, Craft, Bolling
Page 57
Bolling, Brown, Lee, Short, Milbourn, Maggard, Gibson, Justice, Baldwin, Hubbard
Page 58
Hubbard, Cox, Gibson, Justice, Smith, Long Adams Self, Perky, Poindexter
Page 59
Poindexter, Cox, Hall, Taylor, Church, Hubbard
Page 60
Hall, Brown, Wheatley, Mullins, Dotson
Page 61
Dotson, Mullins, Hill, Baker
Page 62
Baker, Gentry, Gordon, Henderson, Lane, Beverley, Mullins
Page 63
Mullins, Scarberry, Hutchinson, Howell, Vanover, Vance, Caran, Stallard, Bevins
Page 64
Bevins, Ritchie, Riggs, Cox, Collins, Perry, Vanderpool
Page 65
Vanderpool, Hutchinson, Mullins, Cox, Collins
Page 66
Collins, Perry, Wheatley, Ritchie, Lipps, Whittaker
Page 67
Whittaker, Carter, Bond, Alley, Green, Wheatley, Addington, Riner Bond
Page 68
Addington, Bond, Roberts, Bays, Chisenhall, Kilgore, Day
Page 69
Day, Kilgore, Addington, Cox, Smith, Mullins, Hunsucker
Page 70
Hunsucker, Davis, Gardner, Dickenson, Jones
Page 71
Jones, Huff, Hamilton, Stidham, Wampler
Page 72
Wampler, Wells, Stidham, Countiss
Page 73
Stidham, Johnson, Joseph, Sheperd, Ingle
Page 74
Ingle, Stidham, Sturgill, Boothe, Church
Page 75
Church, Sturgill, Mullins, Sargent, Boggs, Craiger, Wilson
Page 76
Boggs, Stidham, Landreth, Ingle, Joseph, Sheperd
Page 77
Shepard, Lewis, Wells, Elkins, Kilburn, Dingust, Day
Page 78
Day, Boggs, Miller, Maggard, Sheperd, Elkins, Hall
Page 79
Hays, Kelly, Golloway, Collier
Page 80
Collier, Smith, Dale, Wells, Sheperd, Sally, Blair, Gilley
Page 81
Gilley, Wampler, Stewart, Blanton, Shepard,Wells
Page 82
Neely, Stewart, Walden, Wells, Courtney, Landreth, Gilley
Page 83
Gilley, Blanton, Creech, Horton Davis, Johnson, Elkins, Williams, Cook, Wells
Page 84
Wells, Bradley, Kelly, Green, Creech, Johnson, Lewis, Williams
Page 85
Williams, Creech, Caldiron, Kilgore, Elkins, Isonk, Wells, Mills, Hamilton
Page 86
Williams, Graham, Wells, Caldiron, Wells, Pendleton, Kilburn, Sheperd, Creech
Page 87
Creech, Richmond, Countiss, Bett, Gilley, Graham, Bray
Page 88
Bray, Kennedy, McFarland, Blythe, Tate, Wolf, Tompkins, Mullins
Page 89
Mullins, Elkins, Riggs, Tate, Driscoll, Gilley, Collier, Blanton, Morris
Page 90
Morris, Gilley, Galloway, Wells, Tate, Parsons, Blanton
Page 91
Blanton, Lee, Gilley, Tyler, Neely, Bowens, Smith
Page 92
Smith, Sheperd, Blythe, Willis, Blanton, Gilley, Fulton
Page 93
Huff, Music, Jones, Collier, Gilley, Blair, Elkins, Tompkins
Page 94
Tompkins, Huff, Freeman, Jones, Graham, Wampler, Collier, Thorn, Havens, Riddle, Salyer
Page 95
Huff, Beverly, Osborn, Robinette, Gibson, Moore
Page 96
Gibson, Osborn, Newberry, Honeycutt, Wampler
Page 97
Cooper, Dotson, Jones, Huff, Hall, Gilliam, Brian, Hubbard, Roberts
Page 98
Bolling, Roberts, Wilson, Snodgrass, Culbertson, Hale, Bruce, Ramsy
Page 99
Ramsy, Horn, Wilson, Hall, Waddle, Henderson, Riley, Christain, Beverly
Page 100
Kilgore, Vermillion, Hall, Bruce, Gatt, Salyer, Parsons, Odell, Strong, Stallard, Smith, Hunscker, Wells, Ison
Page 101
Wells, Ison, Boggs, Baker, Brumitt, Cooper
Page 102
Wampler, Baker, Hamilton, Jones, Fraley, Blessing, Beverly, Bickley, Horne, Hughes, Smith
Page 103
Smith, Stallard, Ryan, Hoge, Byrnes, Bruce, Eaton, Horn
Page 104
Horn, Bruce, Eaton, Powers
Page 105
Hoge, Justice, Kelly, Powers, Jones, Robinett, Skeen, Pool, Havens. Barton
Page 106
Fuller, Ritchie, Bond, Fink, Newberry, Sloan, Riggs, Holbrooks
Page 107
Holbrooks, Evans, Stamper, Holly, Newman, Spurgeon
Page 108
Spurgeon, Stanley, Blevins, Wright, Ingleton, McCoy, Trent
Page 109 
Pool, Self, McLaughlin, McKee, Revel, Hall, Derryfield, Horn, Hill, Carty, Silcox
Page 110
Silcox, Johnson, Mullins, Gray, Vernnon, Powers, McJessee
Page 111
Smith, Lipps

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