The Galen Roberts Cemetery


Galen Roberts Cemetery

Roberts cemetery is located on Guest River Road at Dixanna ,where Dixanna Coal Company was. It’s past the coal tube that crosses the road. Turn left at Red River Coal Company Inc. sign that sets on the right. You then take the next left and go to the top of the hill.

Danny L. Matthews  December 31, 1970

David K. Matthews  April 25, 1970

Fred Maggard  1952-1985 

Thomas Maggard  1941-1983

Helen L.Robinette  Sept. 26, 1943-Feb. 13, 1981

Rufus Franklin Maggard Died April ? age ?

John H. Dollarhyde  May 5, 1910- Jan. 26, 1953 In Loving Memory

Our Mother Georgia Dale  Aug. 25. 1931- May 9, 1976 At Rest

Eddy Eugene Standifer  Born & Died April 26, 1949 An Angel

Tommy Bruce Standifer  Born & Died Aug. 12, 1948 An Angel

Grave marked by a rock
Grave marked by a rock

Ira Wade Roberts  May 17, 1905- April 23, 1965

Martha Alice Roberts  Nov. 16, 1910


Marked by Square stone but unreadable
marked by a rock by a oak tree

marked by a rock

Galen Marion Roberts  1828- Jan. 1891 owned all these mountains as far as the eye can see

Esther Kilgore Roberts  1883-1874   first wife of Galen M. Roberts

 Galen M. Roberts  1880-1949
 Aggie Roberts  1886-1953

Fred Roberts  1919-1939

John W. Roberts  1923-1957

Rock Marker
Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

William Roberts  May 10, 1858-Nov. 11, 1933

Nancy Ann Hunsucker  w/o W.F. Roberts March 12, 1859- April 15, ?

Sarah Baker  unreadable 

Haszard Baker


Rock Marker
Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Claude Maggard   Mar. 9, 1940- Feb. 25, 1979 Back of tombstone reads: 
Friends and strangers passing by

as you are now so once was I

as I am now you soon shall be 

prepare for death and follow me.

Hazel Marie Calhoun  Feb. 11, 1946-Feb. 14,1946 Gone but not forgotten

Harrison Maggard  1913-1974

Robert James Maggard   June 10, 1953 ? 1 mo. ? days old

Adam Maggard   April 6, 1937

John A. June 20, 1902-Sept. 28, 1965

Eula M. Dec. 16, 1914-April 22, 1996

Henry  May 9, 1898 Dec. 3, 1976

Mary  March 13, 1908 June 15, 1978 The Children love you

Edith Muncy  Sept. 14, 1946- Dec.21, 1946

Dorothy M. Muncy  1924-1924

Clarence Muncy  1923-1923

Ellen J Roberts  Jan. 20, 1870-April 24, 1934 Gone but not forgotten

John Hunsucker  March 12, 1855-Sept. 22, 1900

Myrtle Hunsucker  dau.of John and Ellen H.  March 16, 1893-Sept. 28, 1900

Rock Marker

Capt. James Hunsucker  CO  E  29  VA  INF.  OCSA  May 28, 1821-May 16, 1895

Rock Marker
Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Rock Marker

Willard M Roberts  Nov. 16, 1897-Dec. 20, 1918 Weep not father and mother for me, for I am waiting  in Glory for you.

Rock Marker

Robert  Dec. 23, 1865-Feb. 5, 1953

Mahalia  May 17, 1866- Dec. 5, 1939 We will meet in heaven

Charley C. Roberts  Aug. 5, 1889-Dec. 3, 1911 A loved one from us is gone, a voice we loved is still, a place is vacant in our home which can never be filled.

Johnathan Roberts  March 25, 1893-March 6, 1920 Asleep in Jesus

Sarah Ellen Isom  Dec. 16, 1886- April 4, 1981

Marion Roberts  May 10, 1868-19??


Pasha Roberts  March 12, 1868-June 22, 1937 In God We Trust

James L. Hamilton  April 1, 1881-June 5, 1949

Rosa Ellen Hamilton  Dec. 23, 1884- Nov. 9, 1936

Rock Marker
Rock Marker

Rock Marker

June Mullins  Still Born

 Mary Mullins  1914-1922 An Angel in Heaven 

Nevada Mullins  Mother 1881-1933

Willie M. Mullins  1878-1968

Roberts Benjamin    Martha Roberts Double Stone
There is no info. on this stone

Varney William Roberts  Jan. 1912-Feb. 22, 1958

Rock Marker

Wayne Sloce  1943-1959 In God We Trust

Joe M.  July 26, 1920- March 31, 1985

Ollie  Sept. 13, 1925 (still living)

Our Father Which Art In Heaven

Laura L Burgess  1912-1984 (Ollie Sloce’s Sister)

Dave Brock  July 26, 1891 April 19, 1963
Vestie Brock  June 7, 1892-June 13, 1962

Watson J. Bock  Virginia PVT 9 INF. Training Co. World War 2 Feb. 23,1920-Jan. 10,1958 

Some of these people are my relatives.  


transcribed and submitted Rev. Jimmy R. Stidham and 
mom, Geraldine Stidham ©2001

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