When my grandmother Clara Adkins Baker died November 10, 1988 this was given to me.
This is the record of births, deaths and marriages in her family.
It is titled: AGES
Written Nov 22, 1926 by Clara A. Baker

Ronnie Clark and Jenny Roberts were married June 12, 1965
Larry Ronald Clark 11 was born Sept 3, 1967
Mary Allison Clark was born May 7, 1969

Joy Lynn Freeman and Mike Maness married Feb 23, 1966
Tierra Rene Jane borned Nov 10, 1966
Michelle Lynn borned June 4, 1968
Little Mike

Alvers Baker and Clara Adkins were married Monday, July 4, 1921 by Rev John Stallard at Wise, VA.
Alvers Baker was borned June 17, 1901, Monday
Clara A. Baker was borned March 12, 1904, Saturday
Violet Rubyle Baker was borned May 21, 1923, Monday at 7:00 AM
Muriel Elizabeth Baker was borned August 31, 1925, Monday at 3:00 AM
Kenneth Ray Baker was borned May 11, 1930, Sunday evening 2:30 PM Mothers Day
Imogene Baker was borned August 5, 1932, Friday morning 1:00 AM
(Newsbaker clipping)
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Baker, Sunday, May 11, a fine son, whom they named Kenneth Ray.

W.D. Adkins married Emma Addington January 13, 1898 by Rev Jackie Stallard
W.D. Adkins was borned July 14, 1879
Emma Adkins was borned June 30, 1882
Bertie J. Adkins was borned Dec. 7, 1898
Earl E. Adkins was borned Feb. 9, 1902
Clara Ardela Adkins was borned March 12, 1904, Saturday
Esther E. Adkins was borned April 27, 1913
Okla C. Adkins was borned Apr 10, 1915

Earl E. Adkins was married to May Hicks on Jan. 21, 1925 by Rev. E.M. Swindall at Wise, VA
Winston Adkins was borned Nov 11, 1925
paul Douglas Adkins was borned jan 31, 1928
Joanne Adkins was borned Feb 29, 1932 (Leap Year Baby)
Bobby Ray Adkins was borned Sept 19, 1934
Charlie Bruce Adkins was borned Aug 1, 1936
Peggy Sue Adkins was borned May 17, 1941
Winston Adkins was married to Evelyn Bryant at Whitesburg, KY, Nov. 14, 1944
Julia Elaine Adkins was borned at Coeburn, Va, Nov 24, 1948
Winston Edward Adkins was born tuesday, Aug. 19, 1952
Judy Beth Adkins was borned June 26, 1954

Claiborne Freeman was married to Bertie Adkins Nov 29, 1917 by Rev Daniel Riner at Indian Creek
Guy L. Freeman was borned May 14, 1919
Beryl Freeman was borned June 6, 1927 on Monday morning
Burl Freeman and Elsie Belcher were married at Whitesburg, Kentucky Dec. 23, 1944
Joy Lynn Freeman was borned Feb 6, 1946 at Norton, VA
Burl Mark Freeman was borned August 2, 1957 at Kingsport, Tenn.
Allan Lee Freeman was borned June 17, 1971

S.J. Baker was borned Sept 26, 1878
Lizzie Baker was borned Oct 30, 1878
James Vernard Baker was borned June 2, 1899
Charles Alvers Baker was borned June 17, 1901
Winfred Baker was borned Aug 21, 1903
Earlin Baker was borned Feb 22, 1906
Verda Baker was borned Feb 1, 1911
Alva Baker was borned June 21, 1914
S.J. Baker married to Lizzie McPeek May 23, 1898 by Rev. Jack Stallard
James Vernard Baker died July 13, 1912 (Shot)
S.J. Baker was married to Leah Boggs May 23, 1956
Alva Baker was married to Walter Jenkins Dec. 24, 1944

Mary Jane Purkey was borned July 4, 1848
Departed this life Dec. 4, 1923
Thomas Jefferson Addington was borned Aug 7, 1846
Departed this l;ife Nov. 16, 1920
Thomas J. Addington was married to Jane Purkey Aug 15, 1867
James McPeek was borned Jan. 21, 1848
Departed this life Mar. 10, 1927
Julia McPeek was borned June 13, 1854
Julia McPeek died Oct 10, 1930

Earlin Baker was married to Dora Layne may 29, 1927 at Wise Va by Isaac Soars
Winifred Baker was married to Ruth Gentry Nov 9, 1927 by Isaac Soars at Wise, Va
Margaret Anne Baker was borned July 22, 1928
Edgar Leon baker was borned June 3, 1930
Leon was married to Roma 2 children
Gary Evans Baker borned May 19, 1931
Samuel Jackson Baker borned May 23, 1939
Jack was married to Eva Hamilton June 4, 1960
Gregory Jack Baker was borned at Melbourne, Fla. Apr. 7, 1961

Martha Hash departed this life July 11, 1928
R.H. Hash departed this life may 9, 1932
Calvin Cox departed this life Nov. 1931

Kenneth Baker was married to Doris Ann Ricketts Feb 12, 1955 by Rev Kermit Deel
Richard Charles Baker was borned march 27, 1956 at Norton, Va
Tamera Denise Baker was borned Aug 29, 1958 
Angela Darlene Baker was borned Sept 10, 1961 married Danny Hayes Feb 2, 1980 at Wise Baptist Church by Rev H.L. Wright Jr.
Kennyy Ray Oliver Baker was borned May 1, 1954
Shawn O’Neal Baker was borned Nov 8, 1963
Tammie and Bobby Branham married Mar 5, 1976
Bobby Branhaqm Jr, was borned Oct 6, 176 weight 7lbs 11oz
Kenneth Charles Branham Born July 23, 1980 weight 7lbs 3oz

Verda Baker was married to Morgan Bolling Nov 1, 1928 at Whitesburg, Ky by ______ AdamsPatricia Lou Bolling was borned Dec 9, 1930
Marlene Elizabeth Bolling was borned Feb 4, 1932
Verda Baker was married to Easley Lee in Aug 1935
Eliza Ann Lee was borned Feb 1943, Norton, Va
Ann married Claude Henry Dec 25, 1964
Easley Lee died June 3, 1961
Lester Baker was married to Genola Keith June 25, 1937 married by John Stallard
Betty Lou Baker was borned March 21, 1939
Danny Ruphard Baker was borned March 21, 1847
Betty Lou married Harvey Jessee march 13, 1955
Timothy Michael Jessee was borned Nov 18 1955
Candance Alicia Jesseee was borned March 12. 1958
Chesney Shannon Baker borned Oct 24, 1970
Andrew Jackson Baker borned March 27, 1973

Esther Adkins was married to Elzie D. MullinsJuly 3, 1931
Betty June Mullins was borned April 11, 1932
Roger Gerald Mullins was borned Dec 20, 1941
Roger Gerald Mullins married Victoria Elizabeth jackson Nov 26, 1964
Mark Edward Mullins was borned Oct 17, 1967
Betty June Mullins was united in marriage to Roscoe Dotson at Whitesburg, Ky April 17, 1948
Tempa Lynn Dotson was borned june 9, 1951
Tempie and Jim Ratliff was married June 9, 1968
Tempie later married Doug Varney
Borned to Doug and Tempie Varney a girl Sept 5, 1976 weight 7lbs 1/2oz naned Emilie Elizabeth

Charles Alvers Baker died May 17, 1936 age 34 years 11 months, stayed in Coeburn Hospital from May 8 until May 17, Sunday morning when God called him away at 6:30.
Elizabeth Baker aged 77 died April 15 at 6:00 0'clock Sunday morning 1956
Samuel J. Baker aged 81 died May 3 at 2:45 Tuesday morning 1960
Emma Adkins died June 17, 1968 at Community Hospital, Norton, at 2:00 AM age 85 years 11 months - 17 days
Winifred Baker departed this life Feb 27, 1968 age 65
Jennifer Dawn Wright departed this life Aug 9 1971 age 7 years yesterday
W.D. Adkins passed away July 10, 1978 he liked 4 days being 99

Okla Adkins was married to Selma Dale Oct 16, 1937 at Whitesburg, Ky (Divorced)
Selma died in BaltimoreSept 12, 1971Willene Adkins was borned and died Oct 10, 1938
Freddie Wayne Adkins was borned Sept 17 1939
Brenda Joyce Adkins was borned Jan 27, 1942
Okla Michael Adkins was borned April 23, 1956
Gregory Allen Adkins was borned Nov. 4 1965
Okla Adkins was married to Theo Potter (Divorced)
Diane Karen Adkins borned May 16, 1947 Friday evening at Norton General
Diane Adkins was married to Johnny Rhodes Oct 12 1965 
Johnny Smith Rhodes was married March 2 1968
Okla Adkins was married to Ruth Gardner July 1950 (Divorced)

Guy Freeman was married to Frances Dotson Dec 1938
Jimmie Ray Freeman was borned Oct 2, 1939
Donna Jean Freeman was borned Jan 3 1943
Gary Lowell Freeman was borned mar 20 1947
Jimmie Freeman was married to Janice Jones June 1959 (Divorced)
Jimmie later married Betty Jackson
James Steven Freeman was borned Sept 11 1961
Bruce Adkins was married to Ann Vanover June 4 1960
Christopher Bruce Adkins was bornedSept 26 1961
Sherry Darlene Adkins borned Sept 26 1964
Peggy Sue Adkins was married to Curtis Hays March 9, 1960 
Melanie Lynn Hays borned July 14, 1971  

Violet Rubyle Baker was married to Elliott Clark Jr. Jan 18 1940 at Whitesburg Ky by Rev L.O. Griffith
Nancy Carol Clark was born Oct 4 1940 Friday about 10 pm
Larry Ronald Clark was born Sunday April 11 1943 about 11:15 AM Baltimore Maryland
Nancy Carol Clark married Jan 12 1955 to Bill Baker
Joel Scott Baker borned Oct 1 1955 Saturday 10:45 PM Community Hospital Norton
Cheryl Anne Baker borned Oct 20 1957 at Wise Memorial hospital Sunday 4:20 AM
William Clyde Baker 111 was borned Jan 11 1964 at Wise Memorial Hospital Sat 1:39 PM
Elliott Clark Baker born Sunday July 30 1972 Kingsport Tenn

Muriel Baker was married to Newton Cantrell July 3, 1942 Whitesburg Ky by E.K. Holbrook
Denny Alvers Cantrell was borned Nov 10 1943 Wed. 7:45 AM at Norton General Hospital
David Gerald Cantrell was born mar 27 1947 at Norton General Thursday 5:30 PM
Kenneth Randall Cantrell was borned Mar. 29 1951 at Norton General at 12 noon
Stacy Neal Cantrell was born Feb 22 1954 at Norton General Hospital on Monday
Gerald Cantrell married Sheila Dotson Mar 25 1966
David Gerald Cantrell 11 was borned Feb 23 1968 at Wise memorial Hospital
Wendy Scott Cantrell was born Feb 23 1970 at Wise Hospital weight 8lbs 6oz

Imogene Baker was united in marriage at Harlan Ky to Owen carter (Sonny) Sept 2 1948 by Rev C. Lynn
David Allen Carter was borned Sept 17 1950 Richmond Va
Steven Charles Carter was borned June 9 1953 Richmond Va
Anthony Cambell Carter was borned july 8 1954 at Richmond Va Thursday 6:45 PM
Tony was married to Lora Elizabeth Foster June 17 1978 

Donna Jean Freeman was married to Larry Wright
Anthony Dane Wright was borned Nov 3 1961
Jennifer Dawn Wright born Aug 8 1964 Died Aug 9 1971
Radess Wright born Jan 1976

Margaret Ann baker was married to Richard Baker Aug 3 1949 at the home of Rev. S.J.Baker by sameSusan Baker was borned Aug 1953
Douglas Adkins was married to Bobbie Lee 1949
Deborah Yvonne Adkins was borned Nov 1951
 Phyliss Ann Adkins was borned Nov 2 1952
Paula gay Adkins was born July 30 1955
Connie Adkins was borned Nov 1954
Jeffery Adkins was borned 1959

Gary Baker was married to Jennie Lee Porter Dec 31 1949
Diana Lee Baker was borned Aug 14 1953
Gary Ray Baker was borned Jan 29 1957

Bobby Adkins was married to Marlene Collier Apr 1953
Cynthia Leigh Adkins was borned Dec 26 1955
Timothy Allen Adkins was borned Feb 29 1960

Alva Baker was married to Walter Jenkins of Baltimore Maryland Dec 24 1944

Patricia (Patsy) Bolling was marrried to George Michael Constant Feb 1 1953
Toni Constant was borned Dec 15 1953

Marlene Bolling was married to Donald Conway Cameron January 28 1956 (Divorced)
married second to Bob Hennley
Jeffery Scott Hennley borned 1964
Also a daughter

Great Grandfather was Wilson Adkins
Grandfather was Harrison Adkins
Grandmother was Tempie Ann Buchanan
Father Will Adskins
Thomas Addington Grandfather
Mary Jane Purkey Grandmother
Emma Addington Mother

Mae Adkins passed away Nov 14 1974

Ann Lee married _______ Henry Dec 25 1964
David Lee Henry was born Oct 15 1967

Stacy Cantrell to Martha Hopkins Feb 9 1975 (Divorced)
Tammy Baker to Bobby Branham March 5 1976 indian Creek Church

George Riner died Aug 3 1948
Johnnie Riner died May 21 1948 
Melissa Moore died Apr 1955
Julia Riner died Dec 19 1963
Math Robinson died Feb 9 1953
Emma Addington died Nov 27 1953 Thanksgiving Day
Lou Addington died March 1957
Melissa Cox died Apr 1957
Aunt Lizzie McPeek died Sept 14 1960 age 86
Aunt Susie Seargent died Feb 2 1941

Clara Baker was converted June 30 1934
Muriel Baker was converted Dec 41944
Violet Baker was converted Dec 5 1944
Kenneth Baker was converted May 15 1960
Doris Baker was converted July 3 1960
Emogene Baker was converted 1961

submitted by Nancy Clark Brown ©2001

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