Indian Creek Freewill Baptist Church
by Nancy Clark Brown

The church was located at that time at the mouth of the Cavenger Hollow, our house was a short distance up the hollow. Our lives were centered around the church. My grandmother, Clara Baker had the keys as she opened and closed the church. I knew exactly where she kept them, this opened a whole new playground. My playmates were Freddie Adkins, Bruce Adkins, Peggy Sue Adkins, myself and 
from time to time we let others join in.
We had church, Freddie preached, Bruce prayed, Peggy and I sang and shouted. Indian Creek ran along beside the church therefore we had baptizings. In fact we baptized each other plus every one we could drag as far as the water and our dogs and cats. We were children and only acting out the every day events in our lives.

Bell Ringer

It was Easter Sunday and my grandmother, Clara Baker and I took a bucket of water for drinking to the church, opened the door and proceeded to ready everything for church services. I was dressed in my new Easter outfit and when it was time to ring the church bell she held me up and I grabbed the knotted rope and pulled with all my might. All of a sudden I shot straight up out of her arms and plunged right back down. The bell had turned over. Needless to say that ended my bell ringing days.

Pump Organ

There was a beautiful pump organ in the church, it belonged to Raney Kilgore, she had recently broke up housekeeping and moved to a small apartment. The organ was brought to the church as she had no place for it. From time to time she would stop by and play her organ, She sang in a high pitched voice and the sound came carried about the community, people would say "Raney's at it once again."

Dinner on the Ground

Once a year in September, a memorial meeting for the deceased members was held followed by a dinner on the ground. In the little bottom near the church sawhorses were set up and boards placed on them to make tables. Huge crowds attended. I always made sure I got some of my grandmothers chicken and dumplings, Ruby Riner,s stack cake and Aunt Dora Baker's butterscotch pie.

Sunday School

I loved to attend Sunday school in our one room church were each class has their own space, far enough apart as not to disturb the other classes. I can close my eyes and let my mind drift back 50 years and see all the faces of family and neighbors that worshipped in our little church. Johnny Riner had a little chair that had the legs sawed off so it would fit him. He sat behind the pot belly stove leaned back against the wall with his eyes shut. Oscar Dove was a dear man, my brother Ronnie and I thought the world of him. Once at Christmas we drew names, he drew mine and I got a baking set with a dough roller, measuring spoons, cups, cake pans and cake mixes. It was a wonderful gift one I will never forget. My parents were always there, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and neighbors.
A marvelous time to live!
My teachers were Julie Stout Hamilton, Betty Dove, and Jennie Lee Porter Baker. One Easter we had an Easter Egg Hunt on the hill behind Baxter and Eura Bolling's house. I found the most eggs and was awarded a prize, a big bright goose egg. I thought it was the grandest thing I ever had. I kept it for the longest time, always moving it from one hiding place to another, Mother finally discovered were the odor was coming from
-the end of my big blue egg.

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