It was a few days after Christmas and my little granddaughter, Jessica, was two years old.  She followed me every step I made, we were taking down the Christmas tree and the decorations. 
We were making trip after trip up and down the stairs, storing the decorations, she had on a long gown and robe which she kept tripping on.  She was having a difficult time coming up and down  the steps.  She said, “Granny, help me!”  But, I had my arms full and couldn’t help her, so I said, “Hunker down and grab your gown tail.”
I didn’t hear a sound out of child who was always talking, so I looked around and here she is all perplexed, just looking at me, just stopped on the stairs.  She said, “But Granny, my dress doesn’t have a tail and I don’t know how to hunker.” 


by Nancy Clark Brown

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