Family Buring Grounds in Wise County Virginia
The Jim Hill Graveyard
by James Taylor Adams, 1936, {part of a WPA project}

The Jim Hill Graveyard is on a gentle rise about two yards north of the home of Jim Roberson, and about jalf a mile northeast from the Middle Fork of Bold Camp. James W (Jim) Hill and his wife are buried there, but their graves are not marked.

I was at this burying ground at fifteen minutes till eight, Thursday morning, September 10, 1936. Charlie Dotson was with me. We found a small plot of ground fenced inside a cultivated field, and completely overgrown with briers and bushes. There was no gates and I clomb over the high wire fence and fought my way to the two tombstones and copied the inscriptions

Dr. John A Hall
Born Jan 27, 1819
Died July 6, 1914

John A Hall was a son of Isham and Jane (Mullins) Hall. HE lived at his fathers palce on Indian Creek for several years, where he was well known as an herb doctor. His first wife, and mother of his children, was Sarah (Sally) Franklin, daugher of Bryd and Agnes (Stallard) Franklin. She dies and he married Susan V, daughter of James W (Jim) and Vina (Herron) Hill. He moved to Birchfield Creek, after his second marriage, where he lived out his days. When he died his neighbors dug his grave by his father and motheron Indian Creek, but someone who owned or was leasing the land objected to his body being buried there, and the grave was left open and he was buried by his last wife's father and mother.

Susan V Hill
Born Dec 25, 1853
Died Aug 6, 1919

She was the second wife of Dr. John A Hall and a daughter of Jim Hill. After Dr. John A Hall died she married Black Jack Mullins.

submitted by Nancy Clark Brown 

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