Family Buring Grounds in Wise County Virginia
The Joe Stallard Graveyard
by James Taylor Adams, 1936, {part of a WPA project}

The Joe Stallard Graveyard is near the head of the Middle Fork of Bold Camp, on a low hill about four hundred yards north of the Middle Fork Road. It is fenced with woven wire, but was in bad condition when I was there at ten o'clock, Thursday morning, September 10, 1936. Charlie Dotson was with me, and my notes are from the information he gave me. We found several very old, unmarked graves there. Charlie said that he believed they were the graves of some of the old Stallards.

Joseph H Stallard
Feb 16, 1852
Sept 28, 1898

Joseph H (Joe) Stallard was a son of David Stallard. He died with pneumonia. David Stallard is not buried in this graveyard.

Eliza J Slemp
Feb 14, 1853
Dec 2, 1907

She was a Dorton. Married first a Slemp, and second a Powers.

Murrelle Slemp
Aug 30, 1905
Mar 9, 1908

J L Kilgore
Born Dec 11, 1849
Died Feb 10, 1913

This stone was leaning against a saggaing fence post. Nearby were several unmarked graves. I could not tell to which one of them it belonged. Charlie said the man was known as Joe Kilgore.

Olgie Kate Strouth
daughter of H D & Anna Strough
Sept 24, 1911
Oct 13, 1912

Mollie Kilgore
Born April 9, 1878
Died April 27, 1910

Mrs. C J Vanover
Born 1853 Died 1924

Cazziann Vanover
Born May 12, 1876
Died July 8, 1932

Adda Swindall
Mar 9, 1860
July 13, 1914

This grave is under a shed and seems to have been particularly 
well cared for.

[Also buried in this cemetery are three daughters of Richard Baker and Abigail Beverly.
Susannah Baker born May 2, 1830 died January 10, 1914, she was the first wife of David F Stallard and the mother of Joseph H Stallard.
Eliza Jane Baker died ca 1905, she was the mother of two sons Richard Agustus Baker, Joseph Henerson BAker, later in life she was married to Benjamin Salyers.
Sarah Baker died ca 1913, she was a midwife know as "Sally Terrapin", she was married to 1. Augutus Jones, 2. Samuel Vanover]

submitted by Nancy Clark Brown 

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