Located Indian Creek on Route 23 slightly north of the entrance to the Scott Roberson Hollow, high on a hill. Copied by Rhonda Robertson, Gladys Julian Stallard and Nancy Clark Brown, April 23, 1978.

Lillie Fair Roberson, b. February 24, 1888, d. january 11, 1963
Winfield Scott Roberson, b. June 5, 1886, d. November 15, 1958

Lilllie Fair was the daughter of Daniel H. and Eliza Mullins Riner and the wife of Scott Roberson.
Winfield Scott Roberson was the son of John Adam Gus and Nancy Bevins Roberson, they lived and Scott operated a lumber company nearby.

Ballard W. Riner, VA TEC5 1959 SVC COMD UNIT WW11, b. October 3, 1908, d. March 18, 1963

Mary E. Stidham, b. 1899, d. 1974
Also buried here in an unmarked grave is her husband, Manuel Stidham, he was killed by a hit and run driver on lower Indian Creek. During my childhood this family lived at the Berry Collins Place near Buck Knob.

Rufus Stidham, b. 1924, d. 1967, son of Manuel and Mary Stidham
Diannor Stidham, b. December 19, 1882, d. June 4, 1970
Since copying this I have corresponded with a descendant of Diannor Stidham and she is of the opinion Diannor probably died at an earlier date. Diannor is the mother of Manuel Stidham.

James Edward Freeman, b. May 27, 1909, d. April 10, 1952
Edward is the son of Critt and Cassie Riner Freeman.

James William Freeman, b. June 19, 1950, d. July 4, 1950
Versie Faye Cantrell, b. and d. October 1, 1953

Myra Jeanette Freeman, b. may 25, 1942, d. December 4, 1971
Myra was the daughter of Earl and Bertha Cox Freeman, she was a loverly young woman and worked as a teacher’s aide at Pound Primary School.
Mildred F. Willis, b. 1923, d. 1963Mildred was also the daughter of Earl and Bertha Cox Freeman

George Buford Carter, VA OMI US NAVY KOREA, b. November 6, 1917, d. September 23, 1972

Edna G. Gibson, b.1885, d. 1944
G. E.(Emmitt) Gibson, b. 1875 d. 1939
Edna was the daughter of Daniel and Eliza Mullins Riner, she and Emmitt lived and operated a store slightly north of the graveyard.

Jane E. Gibson, October 29, 1849, d. June 18, 1929
Jane is the mother of Emmitt Gibson.

Arthur E. Gibson, b. February 19, 1907, d. February 12, 1916
He was the son of Emmitt and Edna Riner Gibson

Dennis E. Riner, b. 1882, d. 1936
Dennis was the son of Daniel and Eliza Mullins Riner and the husband of Susan Skeen Riner, they lived at the foot of the graveyard hill.

Eliza A. Riner, b. 1844, d. 1936
Daniel H. Riner, b. 1830, d. 1921
Eliza was the daughter of Riley and Elizabeth Ingle Mullins of the Birchfield section. Daniel was the son of Jacob Riner. Daniel and Eliza lived at what is now refered to as the Scott Roberson place, in a large two story log home, they operated a store and a “Traveler’s Rest” where people traveling and those hauling in wagons could stop and get a meal and rest. Daniel was a well known minister in the Primitive Baptist Church, he performed many marriages.

Victor W. Cantrell, b. February 14, 1916, d. November 3, 1950
Wilma M. Cantrell, b. August 16, 1918
Paula Cantrell, b. and d. May 26, 1947
Victor was the son of Henry and Esther Hubbard Cantrell and the husband of Wilma, daughter of Scott and Lillie Riner Roberson

William Earl Freeman, b. 1898, d. 1950
Bertha Freeman, b. 1898, d. 1975
Earl Freeman was the son of Critt and Cassie Riner Freeman, he was a coal miner and died while working in the mines in the Cavenger Hollow on Indian Creek.. Bertha, his wife,was the daughter of Floyd and Melissa Adkins Cox of the Cox Hollow section of Indian Creek. Earl and Bertha lived on old Route 23 about half way up Indian Creek Mountain towards Wise. They raised a large family and Sheila, their daughter was one of my dearest childhood friends.

Joseph Critt Freeman, b. October 14, 1866, d. January 14, 1929
Eliza Ann Cassie Freeman, b. August 17, 1869, d. October 13, 1940
Ernest Clyde Freeman, b. October 15, 1892, d. May 7, 1940
Critt was the son of Joseph Freeman and Cassie was the daughter of Daniel and Eliza Mulllins Riner.

Joseph Arvil Freeman, b. December 15, 1911, d. December 16, 1911
James O’Dell Freeman, b. August 17, 1925, February 20, 1927
Mack Freeman, August, 1940

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