This cemetery is located in the head of the Scott Robinson Hollow, on a hill behind the home of Berkley and Doris Boggs.  The first graves in the cemetery were the two little sons of Benjamin and Elizabeth Stallard Salyers.  Ben and Elizabeth were the first settlers in the hollow.  They built the large two story log  house that was later sold to Thomas Jefferson and Mary Jane Perky Addington. After the death of their sons they moved to Birchfield and lived out the remainder of their days.

Calvin C. Perky
1st SERG
Co. F
19th VA INF
September 30. 1823
February 21, 1902

Calvin C. Perky was married to Anna Parsons, she isn’t buried her, she is in the Wise Cemetery.  She was said to have been the second person buried in the Wise Cemetery.

George Riner
Ardela Riner

George was the son of Daniel and Eliza Mullins Riner.  He married Ardela Addington, daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Jane Perky Addington. Ardela died in Louisville, Kentucky where she was being treated for cancer.

Eliza J. Robinson
November 27, 1895
April 8, 1975

Eliza was the daughter of George and Ardela Addington Riner. She was married to W. Jack Robinson.

W. Jack Robinson
March 20, 1892
February 5, 1942

Jasper M. Addington
February 6, 1881
April 23, 1923

Jasper was the son of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Jane Perky Addington.  He died from complications of measles.  He was a master carpenter and was married to Louisa Hensley.

Louisa Hensley Addington
Born 1883
           March 28, 1957 

Louisa was the daughter of Bruce Hensley. 

Thomas Jefferson Addington
August 6, 1846
November 16, 1920

Thomas J. was married to Mary Jane Perky.  Thomas was a cabinet maker, farmer and the local dentist.

Mary Jane (Perky) Addington
July 4, 1848 
December 4, 1923

Mary Jane was the daughter of Calvin C. and Anna Parsons Perky.

Everett Bolling
1897 - 1951

Everett was married to Viola Addington.  He died when his home burned.

Viola Bolling
1902 - 1952

Viola was the daughter of Jasper and Louisa Hensley Addington.

Willard Addington
Died May 2, 1962
Age 46 years

Willard was the son of Jasper and Louisa Hensley Addington.  He was also a master craftsman in wood working.

Mary Purkey
March, 1897
October 25, 1922

Delmar Addington
1912 - 1952

Delmar was the son of Jasper and Louisa Hensley Addington.

Leslie Addington
November 7, 1907
December 3, 1955

Leslie was the son of Jasper and Louisa Hensley Addington. 

Virginia (Collins) Addington
July 11, 1916
October 27, 1986

Virginia was the wife of Leslie Addington.  They were the parents of one daughter, Jeanette,

Ervin A. Brumett
January 17, 1902
May 26, 1986

Ervin was married to Ora Addington.

Ora A. Brumett
April 9, 1904
November 18, 1944

Ora was the daughter of Jasper and Louisa Hensley Addington.

Sandra J. Boggs
January 26, 1944
December 15, 1999

Sandy was the daughter of Berkley and Doris Brumett Boggs and the granddaughter of Ervin and Ora Addington Brumett.

Britt Blake
April 10, 1874
April 1, 1931

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