Wise County, Virginia Will Book 2; Pg. 21
Wise County Courthouse, Wise, Virginia

John Blanton }
To}      Will    } 

  I John Blanton of Wise County and State of Virginia being low as to bodily strength but of Sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last Will and testament in manner and form following that is to say I will and bequeath that at my Death William Robinet act as executor and guardian of my business that he collect and pay all my just debts and without any Sale unless in his opinion it may be neccessary or proper and that no property be sold except with his advice & consent that whatsoever may remain after the payment of my debts of whatsoever Kind be used for the maintainance of my Wife and Children in such manner as the said William Robinett may direct and provide and for the Education of my Children during the widow hood Almeda my wife that in the event of her marriage that he partition to her one part in value as he may see proper and a right equal with each of the children and so with each child as they may marry or arrive at the age of twenty-one years receaving an equal Shear for each minor and directing and applying the same for their use in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this the 8th day of June 1867.
      John (X) Blanton {Seal}
 Witness  }
 Hiram Biggs  }
 Joseph M.C. Tate }

In Virginia at a quarterly Court begun and held for Wise County at the Courthouse thereof on Tuesday the 27th day of August 1867 William Robinet the executor named in the will of John Blanton produced in Court the will of the said John Blanton which was proved by the oath of Hiram Biggs & Joseph M.C. Tate the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
 A Copy--Teste   D Jessee Caudill  Deputy
     for Morgan T. Lipps,  Clerk

(Transcribed by Linda Tackett Blanken, October 6, 2003......Copy in my possession.)

Wise County, Virginia Will Book 2; pp. 189-190
Wise County Courthouse, Wise, VA

of John Blanton }
Settlement }

  Va:  Wise Co. County, County Court, March 26th, 1878:
  A report and settlement of the accounts Wm Robinet, Sen. of the estate of John Blanton dec'd, having been filed in the Clerk's office of this court for more than 30 days, and no exceptions having been taken thereto; and the same having been examined and approved by the court, is confirmed and ordered to be recorded.
     A copy.  Test:  T.E. Cooper  D.C.

Wm Robinet, Assn. of the Will of John Blanton, dec'd.
To the heirs & distributies of said estate

For note on J. Blanton & J.M. Gilly for      30.80

Interest on same from Jan. 1st to 1st day of July, 1874   25.10

Amt. of balance on execution against J.T. Willis    17.08

Total amount received up to July 1st, 1874     72.98


By amount paid to Richmond & Hagan      2.50

" Interest & costs on same up to July 1st 1874 (voucher (1)    2.75

" amt. due Etn on settlement made the 25th July, 1871    7.04

"   "   paid John Dickinson (voucher 2)     6.50

"  "    "      George Blanton  (    "         3)     6.95

"  "   "       Court & Clerk's fee for making and recording settlement    1.25

" Commission on $26.93 at 5 per cent.      1.30

Total amount disbrsed up to July 1st 1874                 $28.29

Balance due estate July 1st, 1874    $44.67 

Virginia, Wise County, to wit:
     I, T.G. Wells, Comm. of accounts for Wise County, do hereby certify that I proceeded to settle executrial Acct. of Wm Robinet assn. of John Blanton, dec'd , as above stated, after advertising the time as required by law.  Given under my hand this the 1st day of July, 1874.
      T.G. Wells, Comm. of Accounts
       for Wise Co.

Extr. of Jno. Blanton, dec'd.}
  To}   2nd settlement }
Comm.   }

Va:  Wise County, County Court, March 26, 1878:

     A report and settlement of the accts. of Wm Robinet, Assn. of the Will of John Blanton, having been filed in the Clerk's office of this court formore than 30 days and no exceptions having been taken thereto, and the same having been examined and approved by the court, is therefore confirmed & ordered to be recorded.

     A copy Test T.C. Cooper  D. C.

William Robinet, Assn. of the Will of John Blanton, dec'd In account with said estate

Exr. of John Blanton, dec'd   }
To} 2nd Settlenent    }

Comm of A/s.     }

 To amt. due estate per settlement July 1st, 1874
 made by T. G. Wells, Comm. of A/s     44.69 (Prin.)
 Interest thereon to July 1st, 1875                2.68 (Int.)
 By amt. pd Isaac Blanton, Jr. (21)     6.54 (Cr.)
 "     "     "  Almeda Blanton  (22)     2.00 (Cr.)
 "    "     "  Same                     (23)     6.54 (Cr.)
 " 5 per Comm. on $15.08 disbursed this year     .75  (Cr.)
 By balance due est. July 1st, 1875 of prin.   28.86 44.69
 "          "         " "      " "     "    "  Int.     2.68

 To amt. pr. due Est. July 1st, 1875    28.86 (Cr.)
 "     "    Int.  "    "   "    "    "      "      2.68 (Int.)
 "    "       on prin. to July 1st,  "  76      1.73 (Int.)
 By amt. pd. Thomas Johnson (24)    3.50 (Cr.)
 "    "     "   Isaac Blanton, Jr. (25)    3.65 (Cr.)
 "   5% Comm. on $7.15 disbursed this year      .37 (Cr.)
 "   Bal. for due Est. July 1st, 1876                 21.34 (Cr.)   28.86 (Prin.)
 "    "   Int.  "     "       "       "       "        4.41 (Int.)

 To amt. pr. due est.  July 1st, 1876     21.86 (Prin.)
 "    "    Int.   "    "       "      "      "      4.41 (Int.)
 "    "    "     on pr. up to July 1st, 1877     1.31 (Int.)
 By amt. pd. George Blanton (26)   1.65 (Cr.)
 "     "     "   D. C. Olinger  (27)   3.90 (Cr.)
 "     "     "   Thos. Johnson  (8)   6.54 (Cr.)
 "    "     "   Isaac Blanton  (9)   2.00 (Cr.)
 "   5% Comm. on $14.09 disbursed this year    .70 (Cr.)
 "   bal. pr. due est. July 1st, 1877    7.07 (Cr.)  21.86 (Prin.)
 "   "   Int.  "     "      "      "      "      5.72 (Int.)

To the Honorable Samual Graham, Judge of the County Court of Wise County 
 Your Comm. would beg leave to report that after giving the notice prescribed by law, he proceeded on the 22nd day of Feb. 1878, at his office in said county, to state and settle the account of William Robinet, Assn. of the Will of John Blanton, dec'd.  And he herewith transmits a tabular statement of the same, together with the vouchers upon which it is based, by which it will be seen that on the 1st day of July, 1877, the Assn. then had in his hands belonging to the estate $7.07 (prin.) and $5.72 of interest All of which is respectfully submitted.
      L.H.N. Salyer, Comm.
       of Accts.

Settlement of the personal property of William Robinett Executor of John Blanton Deceased made this July 27th 1871
Wm Robinett Exr. of Said estate to said estate

To amount of one Note executed by Isaac Blanton to 

John Blanton bearing date May 23rd 1867 Due may 24th 1867 for Sum   22.40

Interest on same from May 24th 1867 to July 27th 1871      5.60

One note executed by H.P. Neve & Owen Franklin to 

Patrick Hagan Comr &c bearing date Nov 23rd 1869

Due May 24th 1870 with interest from date for the sum of    100.00 

Interest on same from To July 27th 1871       10.45

Amount taken over       $138.45


(Transcribed by Linda Tackett Blanken, October 6, 2003.........Copy in my possession)

Wise County, Virginia Will Bk. 2, pp. 66-67
Wise County Courthouse, Wise, Virginia

Appraisement of the Personal Property of Wm Blanton Dec'd made the 11th day of January 1871.  The undersigned appraisers after first being duly Sworn have appraise the following property on the 11th day of January, 1871, belonging to the estate of William Blanton decd.,  to wit:
        D. C.

1 Horse at        90.00
1 Cow   "       22.00

1 Heifer  "       20.00

3 Bee Stands at         3.00

1 Pair of Horse gears        1.00

2 wedding hoes           .50

1 Ax          2.00

1 Share in Brand Ax          .75

1 Bramble Hook          .75

1 Mowing Scythe        1.00

1 Saw, 3 Augers & 1 Drawing knife      3.00

1 Shoe box & tools        1.15

2 old plows             .50

1 Frow              .50

1 pair Steelyarns      2.00

1 Single tree            .25

1 box of tools         1.00

1 Kettle & Bould      2.00

1 Saddle & Bridle      6.00

1 Bear Skin        3.00

4 chains                12.00

1 Bedstead & Bed        1.50

1 pot             .50

Shelf & plates        1.00

1 Bucket         .25

1 Oven            .20

1 Box of Wool         4.00

1 Big Wheel             .25

5 Head of Sheep       5.00

1 Bed           2.00

1 Quilt              .50

1 fodder Stack         1.50

1 false coalter              .25

1 Grind Stone       1.00

1 fire Shovel          1.00

1 Coffee Mill          1.50

    James M. Gilly }
    J.N. Collier       }    Appraisers
    John B. Willis   }

I hereby certify that the foregoing list of property appraised by the above named appraisers on the 11th day January 1871 is a true inventory of the personal effects of Wm Blanton dec'd that has come to my hand as administrator of said estate. 
    Isaac Blanton, Admr
    of Wm Blanton Dec'd.

Virginia, Wise County to wit:
The foregoing Apprais bill was this admitted to record in the Clerk's office of the Wise County Court, this the 24th day of February 1871.

    T.G. Wells  Clerk

Sale Bill of Wm Blanton, Dec'd
As administrator of Wm Blanton dec'd I have Sold at public out-cry on  the 11th day of January 1871 at the late residence of the said Wm Blanton dec'd on a credit of (469.00 written in right margin)  twelve months the following property of the estate of Wm Blanton deceased, To wit:

         D. C.
To Morison Ison    One heifer for     23.00

" Same   "       horse              110.00

"  Robert Parson    "       Bridle        1.00

"  Ann Parsons      "       Saddle        7.50 

"  Samuel Robinett    "   Scythe      1.00

"   Isaac Blanton      "    Auger      1.10

" Same          "   Hand Saw      1.10

"  Elkanah Gilly Jr.   "    Auger        .30

"  A.F. Lee   "      "         .25

"  Ann Parson   Share in Broad Ax       .50

"  Sebatin Slemp  one Frow           .50

"  Isaac Blanton   "  Bramble Hook          .55

(Transcribed by Linda Tackett Blanken, October 6, 2003.....Copy in my possession)

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