Ancient Swift's Mine
By J. B. Hamilton
       Related to Emory Hamilton on August
  3, 1940. Papers from the WPA Project, The
  Alderman Library, The University of Virginia,
  Charlottesville, VA.
       This story was told me by my father  and it was told him by his uncle Hugh Boggs,
  who now resides in Jackson Co., KY, and is close 90 years old.
       He said that he (Boggs) was hunting wild hogs in Stone Mountain and his dogs
  chased a hog into a small hole near the bottom of a cliff. He crawled into the hold and killed
  the hog. After he got into the hole he said it  was a large room about 10 x 12 feet and
  seemingly had been chiseled out of the solid cliff. In one corner was a stone stand,
  somewhat like a pulpit in a church, carved from a rock about four feet wide. The room
  was bare and the floor was very smooth looking. He said it was on Duncan s Ridge.
  This ridge runs along from the Eagle Knob, through Hell for Certain to the Nettle Patch.
       In the Big Jump country at the head of Benge s Branch is a blue pond (blue colored
  water) where Swift and Monde are said to have washed their silver ore. Nearby this pond was
  a "deer lick". (One or more deer or buffalo licks are mentioned in Swift s story.) 

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