Another Saucer-Eyed Dog Tale
By W. Patton Beverly
       This story was related to James Taylor Adams on March 12, 1941 by W. Patton
  Beverly of Norton,  VA (Wise Co.). Part of the WPA project archived at the Alderman
  Library, The University of Virginia.
       I m not sayin  this is so. My father in his old age married a woman who put in all her
  life huntin  for Swift s mine an  I honestly believe she drug poor old pap around over the
  mountains so much that it caused his death.  She told of finding some silver way
  back in the mountains somewhere an  she had pap to go with her. When they got there a big
  black dog come out of the laurel an  growled and looked like it was goin  to jump on them.
  Now pap never told me this, but his wife did after he was dead. She said the dog was big as
  a yearlin  and  that its eyes was big as saucers and shone like balls of fire. It wouldn t let
  them go near the place where she had found what she thought was Swift s Silver Mine.
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