Bob Beasley's Hole
By Elder John A. Robbins
       Related to James Taylor Adams on September 18, 1941. Elder Robbins lived in
  Glamorgan, Wise Co., VA. The WPA Project, The Alderman Library, The University of
  Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.
       Oh, it s been about fifty years ago. I was about twenty. Believe it was in 1884. Bob
  Beasley came to Bell Co., KY and hired hands and put down a deep drilled hole in the
  Rockface on Cannon Creek, near where Ferndale is now.
       I never seen them but I ve heard it said that Beasley had a map which located the
  Swift s Silver Mine in Rockface. Anyhow I do know that he worked there all summer and at
  the last he got so he wouldn t let his hands see what came out of the hole. And when he went
  to leave he filled the hole up. He said that there were good indications of silver in the rock.
       It has been called Beasley s Hole ever

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