The Rainbow Pool
By Birch Stephens
       Related to James Taylor Adams from Estill Co., KY in the form of a letter by the
  above who lived in Leighton, KY and was the postmaster. The WPA Project, The Alderman
  Library, The University of Virginia,  Charlottesville, VA.
       I hear you are interested in legends and stories about Swift s Silver Mine. I have been
  interested in this mine since I was six years old and I am 55 now. I have searched over quite a
  large range of territory for it.  When I was six years old a man stayed
  at my father s one night and he had a map which was supposed to locate Swift s Silver
  Mine from where a rainbow shining in a pool could be seen. He said the rainbow was supposed to be outlined against a rock which appeared to be a kneeling Indian. He also gave   me my first history of Swift and his mine. He said that Swift came to Kentucky and mined both gold and silver. That he had with him two white men and twenty-five Indians to fight off anyone who might try to intrude upon his
  reserves. The two white men went away and all the Indians left except two. Swift kept these
  two standing guard constantly at the mine s mouth. One day he came in and found one
  lying on the floor of the cave sound asleep and the other leaning against the wall in a doze. He
  stabbed both dead and loading his silver bars on pack mules started for North Carolina. The
  oak lint got in his eyes and he went blind. He had to abandon his silver cargo, but succeeded
  in reaching civilization alive. He made several attempts to relocate the mine and find the
  smelted metal, but without success. When I was about seventeen I was
  carrying the mail from the post office to a logging camp. Caught in a shower one day I
  took shelter under a cliff. As the rain ceased and the sun came out I looked across the valley
  and there against the hill was a large rock that looked like a giant Indian kneeling, and as I
  looked a small rainbow appeared directly against it and cast its shadow in a big pool in
  the creek below. I laid off to investigate the place, but it was not until twenty-five years
  later that I, with some friends, visited the place just after a shower. Sure enough there was the
  rainbow and the shadow in the pool, but I could no longer discern the kneeling Indian rock.
       I believe the mine really exists, but I do not believe all the stories told about it. I
  believe it is right here in Estill Co., and not in Powell Co., Wolfe Co., or Virginia, as many
  do believe.

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