Remarks About Swift s Silver Mine
By Molly Fraley
       As told to Emory L. Hamilton on August 1, 1940, part of the WPA Project on file
  at the Alderman Library, The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.
       "Cousin Dave (Beverly) said Mrs. Brickey in Scott Co. told him it was a days
  ride from her house to Swift s mine." "I ve heard my mother say she saw the
  old pots and furnaces in Picum where they melted their ore."
       "When Swift was here a man named Monde was with him. Swift killed Monde and
  after he killed him they never could go back to the place anymore. He d set his compass and
  something dark would come over it so he couldn t see where he was going. Mother and
  Dad always thought the mine was in Picum. They must have covered it so it couldn t be
  found. Mother and Dad always allowed old Monde covered it."
       "Mother said on a branch that came down from the mountain between Tacoma and
  Ramsey someone (I forgot who) found a slug of silver sticking in the bank of the branch.
  Whoever found it couldn t pull it out; they had nothing to dig with and when they got
  something to dig with and went back they never could find the place anymore."


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