By Jeremiah Powers
  Related to Emory L. Hamilton on September  12, 1940. The WPA Project, The Alderman
  Library, The University of Virginia,  Charlottesville, VA.
       Just before the outbreak of the Civil War old Uncle Hick Baker was out deer
  hunting and was tracking a deer down a drain. He was following the drain when he come to a
  break, a hole, and the steam was rising out of the hole. It was a pretty cold time. He went
  down to the hole and found pure nuggets of silver. He dug around and found a pot that was
  full of silver nuggets. They was pure silver for  he had them sent off and analyzed. He made
  some moulds and run some of it into bullets. When he first found the hole Bill Belcher was
  with him and Hick was afraid he d go back and get the silver, so he covered the hole up.
  He did anyway with all outside marks so the place couldn t be found. I guess the silver had
  washed down the drain. Hick intended to go  back soon, but was called away to the Civil
  War. Years later he come back from the war and tried to find the place, but he had covered
  it up so he never was able to locate it anymore. He and his boys even went to that section and
  camped there and hunted for it but they never did find it. That was on Bold Camp somewhere. 
       Old Aunt Susan Stallard used to believe in it. She believed in fortune telling by
  coffee grounds. She d look in a teacup and say she could see the 'setter up  rock. She claimed
  there was a rock set up at the entrance to  Swift s Mine. Both her and Uncle Hick Baker
  have been dead some years now.
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